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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 6-26-16

The following are the headlines of this month’s emails sent in by our friends who are creating and evolving their own meaningful careers. Enjoy!:

Editor’s note: In many of the emails sent in this month to our blog the senders are asking for your support as they move their projects along. Please read their stories and lend them as much assistance as you can. And when you have a need to reach out to our creative community don’t hesitate to send in your requests so we can help you as well. Thank you.

- Classes for the summer term are ongoing at Art Center at Night. The fall term begins the week of September 10 so click on the following link to find out about the classes that will be offered and be inspired. 

- Next SchmoozeFest is going to be Thursday, September 8 from 6:30 to 9:30 at Art Center’s Public Programs, 950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena. Start thinking about what you would like to present to the like-minded attendees and look forward to meeting some very talented and interesting members of our community.

- Gail Mooney invites you to take a look at a short film she made about Simona de Silvestro, a race car driver for the Andretti Autosport Team. Gail is looking for suggestions to film other female subjects who are working in traditionally male dominated professions for her next film so if you know of anyone please contact Gail

- Ibarionex Perello is taking his famous and enlightening podcasts with famous people in photography, The Candid Frame, to the next level and he is seeking funds through a Patreon campaign. His Candid Frame interviews will inspire you and we can help to promote this venture by providing sponsorship…

- Jeff Burke had an opening reception for his latest work, “The Divine” on Saturday, June 25 but you can still see his amazing work until July 22 at the LA Art Association Gallery 825

- Pete Van Law encourages to read his latest blog posting on “For the Life of Me” with his intriguing story of “The Shanghai Twelve” set in the early days of World War II. As always Pete has captured the true to life stories of people caught up in the chaos of war with compelling insight…

- Al Satterwhite lets us know that there are only ten days left in his challenge to raise funds through Kickstarter for his unique project, “Muhammad Ali: the Greatest.” Al had the unique opportunity to photograph Muhammad Ali during some tumultuous times and “The result is a collection of rare stunning intimate images and personal stories of the adventures and insights shared with the Champ bound in a limited edition, collectible book.”…

- Yuya Terada is “pleased to announce my solo exhibition at Art Division Gallery. Each of the photos is a celebration of food.” Take in this wonderful show at the Art Division Gallery, 2430 West 6th. Street, L.A., 90057, July 16, 12-2 PM.


Those are the headlines, now here are the complete and fascinating stories:

- Gail Mooney, Director/Photographer/Humanitarian- “We’ve just completed putting the finishing touches on our latest short film about Simona de Silvestro. Simona is one of the few, professional female race car drivers. We caught up with her in Berlin when she was racing for the Andretti Autosport Team in the Formula E (electric). She is an inspiration. Please share this with others to help us spread awareness of what women are doing.

LINK TO  Short film about Simona de Silvestro, Race Car Driver for Andretti Autosport Team
Call to Action:
We are looking for female subjects - women who are working in male dominated professions such as: computer programmers, pilots, firefighters, welders, boxers, filmmakers, directors and so on.

Check out our NEW WEBSITE!

Thank you,”



- Ibarionex Perello, Photographer, Podcaster- “Tony, I hope you are well. We are keeping busy on our end. We are in the process of a Patreon campaign where we are working towards drumming financial support for the show (The Candid Frame). It’s our effort to get the listeners to the show to invest more than their attention to the program and provide us the means to improve and grow our content. We would greatly appreciate you spreading the word on this.

Our pattern page is

If you could put that in your next newsletter it would be greatly appreciated.

Take care my friend and all the best.”

About the campaign:
For the past 10 years, we've produced one of the best photography-related content in the form of The Candid Frame photography podcast. It has featured in-depth and insightful conversations with some of the world's best established and emerging photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, Matthew Jordan Smith, Douglas Kirkland, Reza, Maki Kawakita, Joe McNally and hundreds of others.

These conversations have provided insight and inspiration to people who are passionate about photography, whether professional or enthusiast. Regardless of genre, these conversations have provided insight into what it takes to lead a creative life.

As it enters its 10th year, The Candid Frame continues to be must-listen to those who love photography.

By contributing to our Patreon effort, you will be helping to achieve many of our goals including improvements in production quality, expanded content with both our podcast and video channel. Your support will help us to maintain our unique presence in the world of photography and make it an even more valuable resource for you and photographers all over the world.

Ibarionex Perello


(Editor’s note: Unfortunately by the time this blog was sent out the date for the opening night reception had passed, however you can still catch Jeff’s show and see his amazing work until July 22 at the LA Art Association Gallery 825.)

- Jeff Burke, Photographer, Fine Artist- “Hi Tony, I'm proud to announce a very special installation that I'll be unveiling this Saturday night at Gallery 825 in West Hollywood. ‘The Divine’ is an immersive, floor-to-ceiling mural installation featuring 80 linear feet of energetic, abstract art created in my signature digital style.

Using photos of vintage costume jewelry as building blocks, I have created a mural that offers a narrative of innocent beauty, greed and competition, prophesies of destructive change, renewal and a blissful conclusion. Two abstract deities look on from the center of the room, leaving viewers to wonder who rules this domain. Please join me at the opening, or visit anytime during the exhibition.

JT Burke's "The Divine" at Gallery 825
June 25-July 22  
LA Art Association Gallery 825
825 La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90069

Opening Night Reception - Saturday, June 25, 6-9pm
Artist talk - Wednesday, July 20, 6pm

This event is free to attend. I hope to see you there.

Your pal,”



- Pete Van Law, Producer, Documentarian- “Who Were the Shanghai Twelve? The ‘Shanghai Twelve’! That’s what I named a group of very talented European refugees who escaped from China only days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. But who were they? And how and why were they able to escape from Shanghai just before December 7, 1941?

As it turns out, I discovered them while researching my cousin Eva’s own narrow escape from that port in China just days before the Japanese shut it down. That was the next day-December 8, 1941…”

> For more click here,

Click on this link to find out more about Pete’s fund raising efforts for “For the Life of Me”:


- Al Satterwhite, Photographer-

10 days left in my Kickstarter project>    
“Muhammad Ali: the Greatest” by Al Satterwhite — Kickstarter

The early 1970s was a time of turmoil and the fight for personal freedoms. After Muhammad Ali won his Supreme Court case to overturn the rejection of his Vietnam War conscientious objection application he was free to return to his boxing career and train with Angelo Dundee at the now famed 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach. Time, Life and Sports Illustrated photographer, Al Satterwhite, had the rare opportunity to spend a great deal of time with Ali getting to know the powerhouse as a man as well as a fighter. The result is a collection of rare stunning intimate images and personal stories of the adventures and insights shared with the Champ bound in a limited edition, collectible book. Only 500 of the small run of 1000 books will be numbered and signed as a special edition.


- Yuya Terada, Photographer-

"I’m pleased to announce my solo exhibition at Art Division Gallery. Each of the photos is a celebration of food – and just like freshly served food, the show won’t last long (just 2 hours!). I hope to see you there! Oh and of course there will be tasty food and drink :p"


FaCa/Food as Contemporary Art
Art Division Gallery
2430 West 6th. Street
L.A., 90057
July 16, 12-2PM


There you have it. Those are some of the amazing things these incredible artists in our creative circle are creating. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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Keep sending in your informative and motivating emails. I may have to edit them in the interest of space but I will do my best to keep their integrity. Emails and notices are usually posted in the order they are received. Tony Luna Creative-Updates are produced approximately once a month so please provide enough lead time when submitting emails so they can be posted in a timely fashion.

Keep creating wonderful art and design, and, as always, stay in touch!



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