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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tony Luna Creative- Update 4-30-16

The following are the headlines, sent in from friends of this blog, informing us of their latest creative endeavors:

- It’s SchmoozeFest time again! Mark you calendars because Thursday, May 12 will be our next SchmoozeFest event where you will be able to present your latest work to a room full of creative people like yourself, and you will be inspired by the work of the other attendees. The event will be at Art Center’s South Campus, 950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, from 6:30 to 9:30. “Be there or be square”…


Director/Producer Craig Mac Gowan interviewing an Art Center Student

Fine Art Photographer counseling an Art Center photography student

Art Director Marcia Loots-Serna advising a Presentation and Career Preparation student

Graphic Designer/Art Director Agnes Carrera in discussion with an ACCD student

Veteran photographers Nathan See and Lawrence Crandall (rear of room) reviewing the presentations of photo students
- Thanks to the wonderful creative professionals who conducted mock job interviews for the Art Center students enrolled in Presentation and Career Preparation classes, and for reviewing the work of the students in the Professional Presentation class


- Registration for Summer term at Art Center at Night/Public Programs is now ongoing. You may sign up for any of the incredible classes at ACN and invigorate your creative juices. A list of new classes will be presented at the SchmoozeFest, or you can go online to see a full roster of the exciting classes in the creative arts offered this summer term by clicking on the ACN website

- All of the Art Center at Night/Public Program classes begin Monday, May 16

- Our “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One, Discovering the Dream” class begins Tuesday, May 17 through the Art Center at Night. If you wish to hear more about this extremely important class for mid-career professionals who what to take their careers to the next level please contact Art Center at Night at 626-396-2319, or you may go to their web site at And you can always contact the instructor by emailing him,


- Sal Ochoa had his gallery opening of his social documentary, “Suenos Migrantes” the San Bernardino Valley College Gresham Art Gallery on Tuesday, March 29. He sent photos of the event and we are proud to share them with you…

- Shirin Raban sent her heartfelt thanks for all those who supported her through development of her movie “The Fifth Question.” She worked long and hard in the construction of her narrative and appreciated all those who supported her throughout her journey. Please take a moment to read her reactions to those who stood with her during the execution of her project and for those who attended the opening of her work. Congratulations Shirin!…

- Mark Harmel forwarded a thoughtful letter letting us know how our Crafting a Meaningful Career class was “instrumental in my process of creating a meaningful life.” As we always strive to do Mark was able to bring together his skill sets and education together with his profound interests in helping people with diabetes and, together with his newly acquired, masters degree in Public Health at USC is able to do clinical research in diabetes be a certified diabetes educator, and photographing and directing video commentaries. Read on to be inspired by his dedication and his perseverance.

- Velvette Delaney encourages us—especially graphic designers—to take her research survey which is part of her work toward getting her masters degree at Ohio State University in Design with an emphasis on sustainability. Velvette has been a huge supporter over the years and now it is our turn to help her as she works to take her career to the next level…


Those are the headlines. Now here are the complete stories to accompany those headlines:

- Sal Ochoa, Culture Photographer-
(Editor’s note: As you may recall from our last blog update Culture Photographer Sal Ochoa was preparing to open a showing of his photos titled, “Suenos Migrantes” at the San Bernardino Valley College Gresham Art Gallery. This body of work documents the everyday lives of the people of the village of Las Estecas, Michoacan, Mexico and was made possible due to the generosity of Mandi Batalo, former member of our Crafting a Meaningful Career classes and the chair of the Photography department at SBVC. Thanks to all who attended and we are very proud of the work Sal has been doing and wish him well as he continues his important work. We will let everyone know when his next exhibit will be available.
The first two photos shown above are of the exhibition, and the final image is of Sal accompanied on either side by Xavier Ruiz and Mandi Batalo.)


- Shirin Raban, Brand Designer | Cine-Ethnographer | Educator - “Dear Friends and Family, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive about ‘The Fifth Question.’ I am so touched by each and every one of you who were there last night or for previous screenings, who wrote and congratulated me, who appeared in the film, who supported me throughout my journey of going to grad school and making this film which included sharing your ideas, mentoring me, teaching me and chatting with me, and who just tolerated my crazy schedule…

This film would have not been possible without you!

Last night for me, was a breakthrough moment. Being among such a loving and wonderful presence of my friends, family and communities was so heartwarming and encouraging. Having edited the film time and time again, I must have watched it in its entirety or in pieces just about a 100 or 200 times by now. Or so it seems! But last night watching it with you and gauging your reaction finally put me at ease!

Of course, my mind was spinning into what else I needed to change and how many more illustrations I needed to add. I do know that I have to stay away from any of that at least for a little bit and hopefully I can find it in my heart to stop and to move forward with my next film!

And on that note, my next film is called ‘Mr. Harouni.’ I flew to NY in October and did a round of filming. Mr. Harouni is an extraordinary outside artist who has been creating elaborately intricate miniature figurines out of sea shells for over 50 years. He is self taught, has never been interested to sell a piece, nor has he had a professional exhibition. The only people who have had the privilege of seeing his incredibly amazing and unique artwork have been friends and family and some community members. 

It is quite possible that you may hear from me again regarding more screenings of The Fifth Question in the very near future. In that case I would ask you to please put a good word out in the universe!!”

Much Love,


Shirin Raban

Brand Designer | Cine-Ethnographer | Educator
Lecturer at California State University Northridge
Instructor at UCLA Extension


- Mark Harmel, MPH- “Tony, Your class was instrumental in my process of creating a meaningful life, but my road veered toward a different direction. Instead of pivoting from a commercial photography career to another creative field, I ended up in healthcare. Many of my photography clients were healthcare related, so the transition was not too far of a stretch, but I’m now working on the inside instead of looking in.

The initial step was entry into a masters program in public health at USC and after graduation, I ended up doing clinical research in diabetes and being certified as a diabetes educator. I’m now managing a clinical trial for people with type 1 diabetes and providing patient education in the clinic at the USC Westside Center for Diabetes.

I keep my hand in the creative side by shooting and directing video commentaries for Medscape (the medical professional side of WebMD) at medical conferences. I also do photo road trips with my friend Josh Mitchell and I’m very happy to be out of the commercial side of photography.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling.”

Mark Harmel, MPH

Velvette Delaney flanked by two participants in the OSU hackathon

- Velvette Delaney, Principal Designer & Owner | dewdropstudios, and current graduate student at Ohio State University- “Hey guys! I hope you're well. If you haven't had the chance yet (or if you haven't seen my tweets or posts), please consider taking my research survey. I’ve included the formal invite to participate below, along with a link to the first survey.

If you've already participated, thank you! Please tweet, email, and fb post the link far and wide to your design colleagues. spread the word!

The first survey:


As many of you know, I am working on my MFA in Design at The Ohio State University. I am at the midway point, and this is where I hope you’ll join me. I am in need of participants for my research and I’m looking for your assistance, knowledge, and feedback.

There are two ways you can participate: I am looking for 100 participants for a series of brief surveys (2, possibly 3 in total), and up to 10 participants for one-on-one Skype interviews and prototype testing. Please take a look at the details of both below, and get in touch if you’re interested in participating.

A: Surveys
For this portion of the research, I am seeking 100 participants to fill out two (possibly three) surveys – one at the beginning of the process and one, possibly two, near the end (in about 2-6 months).  Each survey will take approximately 20 minutes.

Here's the first survey:

B: One-on-One interviews

For this portion of the research, I am seeking 10 participants (I have 6 so far!). If you have an interest in contributing a bit more to my research, including Skype calls and online prototype testing, below are the criteria I am hoping you’ll have.

1)   Graphic Designer or someone who works directly with Graphic Designers in some capacity

2)   Some knowledge of one (or more) of the following:

    a) Environmental Sustainability

    b) Print design processes

    c) Project management

3)   Able and willing to commit to each of the following:

    a) A Skype call with me each month (a total of 2-3 30 minute calls over 1-3 months) with online testing of prototype versions during the call

    b) 1 concluding 20 minute interview (Skype or phone call) at the end of the research process

To show appreciation for your time, you will receive gift cards for each of the Skype interviews ($10 for the first, $15 for the second, and $10 for the (possible) third). You will have the option, at any point, to skip questions or withdraw during the course of any interview and still receive the incentive.

If you have an interest in participating in the interviews (and receiving my eternal appreciation!), please respond to this email with the following information:

Your name
The research method you’d like to participate in (A or B, or both)
Your email address

Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate your time,
velvette  de laney | principal designer & owner | dewdropstudios
contact me: 909.717.1686  |  check me out:


As you can see amazing things are happening and these incredible artists and designers are leading the way with their ambitious work. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive owe monthly notices of these Updates please contact  Conversely if you would like to be removed from the email list simply email and write "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Keep sending in your informative and motivating emails. I may have to edit them in the interest of space but I will do my best to keep their integrity. Emails and notices are usually posted in the order they are received. Tony Luna Creative-Updates are produced approximately once a month so please provide enough lead time when submitting emails so they can be posted in a timely fashion.

Keep creating wonderful art and design, and, as always, stay in touch!



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