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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 2-29-16

Here are the headlines, sent in from friends of this blog telling us of their latest incredibly varied creative endeavors:

- Sal Ochoa invites us to the reception for the gallery showing of his important photography show “Suenos Migrantes- The Journey Home” at the Gresham Art Gallery on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College on Tuesday, March 29. The images in the show “explore the relationship between transnational workers in the U.S. and their return home.” This is part of an ongoing personal project that is both topical and informational and should not be missed…

- Ezekiel Wheeler has recently been hired by Faraday Future as their Product & Technology Communications Specialist and shares his joy regarding his new position as well images of the FFZERo1 concept car when it was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. Congratulations Ezekiel!…

- Shirin Raban asks us to join her at the free showing of her film April 2, “The Fifth Question: Why Is This Passover Different?” which allows for a “firsthand peek into the Iranian-American Passover tradition

- Soren Petersen, Chuck Chugumlung, Augustine Grube provide us with information regarding the next two lectures in their entrepreneurial series for Innovate Pasadnea/Design X, March 10 and April 14. These lectures are a must for visionary entrepreneurs…

- Brian Biery informs us that he now has a blog called 'Power of One' “which presents the stories of folks in our community who are making a difference via what they are passionate about.” Check it out and be inspired…

- Jeff Burke had a show of his magnificent work, “Fabulous Fabularis,” at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Feb 11 – 14. Even though the show has passed the work had to be shared on this blog so you can see a little of Jeff’s amazing art…

- Roger Williams sent a photo of him holding his “Plymouth 400” commemorative license plate honoring the quadricentennial of the landing of the Pilgrims. This is especially significant since he is a direct descendent of Peregrine White who was born on the good ship “Mayflower after its arrival at what is now Provincetown.”…


Those are the headlines, now here are the complete stories:

- Sal Ochoa, Cultural Photographer- “Suenos Migrantes- The Journey Home” by Photographer Salvador Ochoa.
Showing at Gresham Art Gallery, 701 S. Mount Vernon Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92410,
on the San Bernardino Valley College campus next to the Administration building.
Reception: Tuesday, March 29

An excerpt from Sal’s Artist Statement:  "Sueños Migrantes: The Journey Back" is part of an ongoing personal project that centers in my parent’s hometown of Las Estacas, a pueblo in central Mexico, and focuses on the changing labor and migration practices. These images explore the relationship between transnational workers in the U.S. and their return home. This exhibition also explores themes of cultural identity, community, family, and borders. In the context of contemporary photography, my images function as a vehicle to simultaneously promote tolerance towards people of a different ethnic background while embracing commonalities about the migration experience.
            My objective is to encourage Mexican migrants living in the United States to maintain and increase their links with their communities of origin. In a global context, my images also invite people of diverse cultural backgrounds to sympathize with the migrant spirit of this Mexican community. My hope is that this photographic process challenges you to use your camera to travel and discover your cultural roots in an effort to redefine what it means to be a global citizen.


- Ezekiel Wheeler, Automotive Culture Consultant-
Art Center Alum and Head of Design at Faraday Future, Richard Kim, and I after we unveiled the first concept car to the world at CES in January. I was in charge of his speech and interfacing with the media as a spokesperson for the company.

Our booth at CES was packed for 5 solid days.n
The FFZERO1 concept car in all of it's glory

Our executives accepting several awards from various outlets as one of the "BEST OF CES" headliners.
“Hello Tony! It's been a while but things have been accelerating at such an insane pace I'm only just starting to collect my thoughts.

I've since left the PR Agency that supported all North American PR events and media efforts for Jaguar Land Rover. I'm now working for Faraday Future-
 - as their Product and Technology Communications Specialist. That's a mouthful but essentially I'm their in-house certified automotive nerd. I develop any and all public facing messaging for our concept cars, future production cars as well as any technology, safety, manufacturing and most excitingly any part of the design process. As if that weren't enough, I'm also part of the executive marketing strategy team and provide counsel from an automotive perspective. A dream come true, being a part of a new car company where the only limitations are our imaginations and perseverance.

I've caught the ultimate wave and damn it feels amazing!

Again, nuts! I hope you are well and thank you for your continued support, wisdom and spirits. They live with me day in and day out.

Ezekiel C. Wheeler
Automotive Culture Consultant

:::::- Shirin Raban, Brand Designer | Cine-Ethnographer | Educator-

“Dear Family and Friends, I would like to invite you to the screening of my film: ‘The Fifth Question: Why Is This Passover Different?’
This event is free to public and there is ample free parking too!
I am looking forward to seeing you there, and please spread the word and invite your friends and family too!”

Venue: Adat Shalom | 3030 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90034
Date: April 2, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm
RSVP: | 310-475-4985
Film Info:

Please see the flyer for details.

Shirin Raban

Brand Designer | Cine-Ethnographer | Educator
Lecturer at California State University Northridge
Instructor at UCLA Extension


- Soren Petersen, Chuck Chugumlung, and Augustine Grube, Founders of Design X

Here is the line up for the Innovate Pasadena, Design X upcoming presentations:

March March 10th, 3:30PM: Mark Andersen: “The Art Of Empathy – Design Strategy”

April 14th, 6:30PM: Søren Petersen: “Design and Business Model Experimentation”

@ EpicSpaces (Co-Working), 680 Colorado Blvd., Suite 180, Pasadena, CA

For more information contact Chuck Chugumlung at


-Brian Biery, Documentary Photographer-

“Hey Tony, First of all, very good running into you recently at Jones Coffee!  I am glad that you remembered me as it has been a few years since I took your class.

Next, as I mentioned, I have developed a blog called 'Power of One' which presents the stories of folks in our community who are making a difference via what they are passionate about.  Right around the time that I saw you I posted this story:

So I am not sure if this project qualifies for your Updates, but if so, please add the blog and its link to your next one.

Thanks for all you do to keep us on our creative paths!”

Brian Biery


- Jeff Burke, Fine Artist-
“Fabulous Fabularis”- Detail

“Fabulous Fabularis”- Detail

 “Fabulous Fabularis”- Scale rendering
(Editors Note: This event has already passed but it was necessary to celebrate Jeff’s work in this edition of the blog. Enjoy!)

“Fabulosus Fabularis- A Monument of Inventive Mythology”

at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Feb 11 – 14

“Hi Tony, I'm excited to announce my largest, most ambitious installation to date. This weekend I will present ‘Fabulosus Fabularis, A Monument to Inventive Mythology’ at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.
Four months in the making, this exhibition features an 18' tall structure wrapped in mysterious symbols and unknown languages. Its image vignettes tell tales of heroism and drama, canon law and ancient wisdom, good and evil, domination and submission.

I write this on Tuesday afternoon, just after our team packed this very large and delicate object into the truck. Tomorrow we trek across the desert to the Palm Springs Convention Center where we will install it just in time for the opening on Thursday night. I hope that you can see it in person or see images and details on my website.

This exhibition is sponsored by my friends at the Los Angeles Art Association.

Thanks for following my art.



- Roger Williams-



So you see, amazing things are happening and these incredible artists and designers are leading the way with their ambitious work. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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Keep creating wonderful art and design, and, as always, stay in touch!



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