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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 12-31-15

Once again our good friend Anne Reeves sent a wonderful Holiday greeting and it seemed a great way to kick off this blog posting. This has been a incredible year thanks to the hard work and dedication of the members of our creative community, and I believe 2016 will be as great or greater as long as we continue to help lending our support and inspiration to each other. Here’s to a great—and very creative—2016! And special thanks to Anne for the joyous graphic.

Here are the headlines for the latest news in this Update:

- Our next SchmoozeFest is Thursday, January 14 from 6:30 to 9:30 P. M. at the Art Center South Campus, 950 South Raymond Street, Pasadena. We will be in Room #231 which is the first classroom on the Second Floor after you get off the elevator. As usual all are invited for an exciting evening of presentations by anyone who wishes to let us know about what they are doing creatively to advance their careers. Presentations are not mandatory so if you just want to come and be inspired that’s okay too. And you may bring a friend who needs a little career boost by being around energetic, enthusiastic people who are taking their careers to the next level.

- You may still register for the Spring 2016 term at Art Center at Night(ACN)/Public Programs. According to the catalog there are “nearly 200 courses in design and the visual arts” included in the “continuing studies program.” The last day to register (without paying a late fee) is January 15, and the first day of classes is Tuesday, January 19. For more information about the classes you may call Art Center at Night at 626-396-2319, or you may go to their web site at

- Specifically the Spring edition of our ACN class “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One, Discovering the Dream” is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19. There are people already signed up but there is plenty of room for more enthusiastic members. If you would like to know more about the class please contact the instructor, Tony Luna at 818-842-5490, or email

- Mel Sant sent in a delightful image for the Holiday Season that he agreed to share. Thanks Mel for all that you do inspiring your students and keeping spirits bright!…

- Philip Carrera gave us the great news that his book, “The Art of Mischief Illustrating the World’s Most Notorious Troublemakers, Volume 1” is being featured as the cover story for Pasadena Weekly’s first issue of 2016. Good work Philip!

- Hye Coh stays in touch and lets us know about her figure painting classes that she is teaching at the Santa Fe Community College

- Michael Salvatore Tierney shares images from new bodies of work he is creating

- And Barbara and Mel Sant send us off with another great piece of artwork and wishe us a great New Year!


Those are the headlines, now here are the rest of the stories:

- SchmoozeFest! Yes, it’s almost that time again. On the Thursday evening before each new term we host a presentation and networking event at Art Center’s South Campus. Everyone who is interested in upping their career is invited. These events are part of the “Crafting a Meaningful Career” program of classes, workshops, lectures, and networking that go on throughout the year. Get 2016 off to a great start by being inspired by the people and the stories of people who are actively taking their careers into their hands and creating the plans to lead more meaningful careers. For more information email Tony Luna at, or call him at 818-842-5490.

- Registration is ongoing for both “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One- Discovering the Dream” and “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part Two- Forming the Dream.” Part One is a fourteen week class and it runs from January 19 to April 19. In this class you will analyze what motivates you, what are your tolerances for risk, and (among other things) what options for new career opportunities may exist for you that my might not have though of. You will work with other highly sophisticated and energetic professionals who are eager to take their careers to the next level.
Now is the time to take action. Sign up now! 

Part Two is a six week class beginning Thursday, January 21 and running to Thursday, February 25. In this class you will take what you discovered in Part One and begin the planning necessary to achieve your goals. You will start with creating your Vision Statement and progress to creating your brand based on your values, aspirations, and skills.

You may register online by going to


- Mel Sant, Creative Director, Artist, Educator- (Editor’s note- Mel sent in this delightful Holiday greeting and allowed us to share it on this blog. Thanks Mel for your generosity, and for all you do to inspire us!)


- Philip Carrera- Artist, Author, Man of Many Talents- “This New Year is getting off to a great start. See pic below. Cover Story!”

(Editor’s note- Philip informed us that his book, which includes his original artwork, is being featured as the cover story “The Art of Mischief Illustrating the World’s Most Notorious Troublemakers, Volume 1” in Pasadena Weekly. As it states in his book: “If you are interested sign up for his monthly newsletter ‘Celebrating the World’s of Fairy Tales, Myths and Folklore” at”

Figure Sketch, Oil, 11 x 14, on Canvas Panel

- Hye Coh- Artist, Educator- “I am teaching "Figure Painting" at SFCC along with "figure Drawing" for the coming Spring Semester. I am doing these sketches for my own practice how I am going to demo in the class.”
And in another email: “I like Santa Fe, still miss LA a lot , esp. my Art Center more than anything else. Art Center is my home.

Let’s stay in touch.


"28 Mansions, 9 Dragons" 2015 (new street photography from the San Gabriel Valley)
- Michael Salvatore Tierney- Photographer/Artist- (Editor’s note- Michael sent a Facebook note about his latest bodies of work and he was generous enough to allow us to show some of his work on this blog.)
60" x 40" 2015, New Look Constellation Series

- Barbara and Mel Sant- The prolific Mel Sant sent along another wondrous image; this one is appropriate to get us off to a great start in 2016!


Well, there you have it. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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Keep sending in your informative and motivating emails. I may have to edit them in the interest of space but I will do my best to keep their integrity. Emails and notices are usually posted in the order they are received. Tony Luna Creative-Updates are produced approximately once a month so please provide enough lead time when submitting emails so they can be posted in a timely fashion.

Keep creating wonderful art and design, and, as always, stay in touch!



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Providing support, inspiration and networking for mid-career creative professionals

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