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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 9-29-15

Here are the headlines for the latest news in this Update:

- Our September SchmoozeFest was held on the evening of Thursday, September 3, at Art Center’s South Campus. It was another spirited affair with presentations by the attendees of their latest projects followed by an opportunity to network and exchange ideas and contact information. Be a part of our next SchmoozeFest which will be (as always) the Thursday before the beginning of the next term at Art Center. Special thanks to the staff at Art Center at Night for allowing us to host these inspiring and informational events

- The fall edition of our class “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One, Discovering the Dream” began Tuesday, September 8 and we are already making progress.

- Crystal Ramirez sent us a delightful photo taken of herself at Kate Spade Madison Avenue store with a delightful caption. Enjoy!…

- Wendee Lee informs us that she has begun her Masters program at Azusa Pacific University. We are extremely happy for her and wish her much success…

- Sal Ochoa has an opportunity to hang a showing of his thoughtful photographic exhibit next year on the people of Las Estecas, Michoacan, Mexico and we would like to help him acquire inexpensive frames for the exhibit. If you have any suggestions please contact Sal or Tony Luna

- Mireya Jones, of Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, announces there are two spaces open for her special Day of the Dead excursion to Guatemala, and there is another trip planned for the middle of February. This is a great opportunity to have an intimate tour of a fascinating country…

- Pete Van Law lets us know about another entry into his amazing research and self-discovery with a link to his latest incredible story, “The Thirty Year Search for Mike Zanger.” And he adds there is still time to contribute to the fund to complete his film, “For the Life of Me.”


Now here are the complete stories behind the headlines:

- September SchmoozeFest
In attendance were Dennis Hill, Revere Jones, Natalia Sanchez, Patrick de Grosse, Chuck Chugumlung, Agustin Grube, Lauren Tripp, Angel Mendoza, Paula Luna, Bret Ferrante, Christopher Espinoza, and moderated by Tony Luna. Special highlights of the evening included Lauren Tripp announcing the upcoming opening of her Co-Studio space for artists on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, and Augustin Grube giving an update on Applied Design Science which “provides early stage business and design analytic support methods, processes and tools for innovative new entrepreneurial offerings.”…


- New Crafting a Meaningful Career class for fall, 2016.
The fall edition of our class “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One, Discovering the Dream” began Tuesday, September 8 and we are already making progress. It is a small but mighty group of very talented professionals and if you would like to know more about the class please contact the instructor, Tony Luna at 818-842-5490, or email…


- Crystal Ramirez- Photographer

“I died and went to 4 floors of Kate Spade heaven yesterday. My trip is done. Send me home — at Kate Spade Madison.”



- Wendee Lee- Product Design Faculty, Art Center College of Design- From Wendee on her first day of her Graduate degree program at Azusa Pacific University:

“They're going to cram so much into our brains (and schedules!)! But it's going to be fantastic! Woo hoo!

At the end of all this, I'll know so much about student affairs theory & practice and student development (and, hey, assessment in student affairs. Yup. Indeed.) and writing in APA style, it'll be wicked scary.”

- Wendee Lee


- Sal Ochoa- Cultural Photographer-

Through the good graces of Crafting a Meaningful Career alumna, Mandi Batalo, Cultural Photographer, Sal Ochoa will have the opportunity to show a compendium of his insightful images he has been documenting on the people of Las Estecas, Michoacan, Mexico. We are reaching out to our creative community to ask if anyone can help Sal secure inexpensive, high quality frames for his show. If you have resources to help Sal please contact or Tony Luna at and we will be informing you exactly when and where the exhibition will take place.


- Mireya Jones- Owner, Jones Coffee Roasters, Pasadena

“Hi All, Some are just plain interested to join our trips at some point, some want to return and know dates and some are friends of friends that would like to go.
This is an update!

We leave October 29 and return November 8, 2015 for our special Day of the Dead excursion. We have just had a cancellation for two if anyone is interested in hopping on the band wagon. No shots are required, just a passport valid up to 6 months beyond the date of return.

Our trips in January and the beginning of February are filled, but, there is a group forming for the end of February if any of you are interested. It will leave February 19th and return February 28th.

Let me know if you would like to receive the itineraries for either of these trips.”

Thanks & Best,


- Pete Van Law- Producer and Documentarian

In case you missed any of my last three blogs, here they are: The most recent was: The Thirty Year Search for Mike Zanger.
A researcher spends over 30 years tracing the story behind the death of a Marine Corp fighter pilot - then spends 10 years trying to find his family.

The post starts out, “The story behind the search for Mike Zanger has intrigued me ever since I heard it from his niece, Marcy Hanigan, back in 2011. Like so many stories that came out of WWII, it had a hero’s death, a family’s heartbreak, and the need for closure.
But hers was like no other I’d ever heard because this one also had a level of serendipity that I’ve seldom – if ever – observed…”

“It's not too late to donate to our Fund Raising Campaign, so we can send copies of "For the Life of Me" to schools religious institutions.”

Click on this link to find out more:


Well, there you have it. Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they design meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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Providing support, inspiration and networking for mid-career creative professionals

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