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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- 8-30-15

Here are the headlines for the latest news in this Update. We have a lot of news to report so let’s get started:

- SchmoozeFest!
Our next SchmoozeFest is this Thursday evening, September 3, from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Art Center College of Design, South Campus, 950 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena, California

- Registration is ongoing for the full roster of exciting classes Art Center at Night fall term.

- “Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream” is a class for mid-career professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level. Our first class will be Tuesday evening, September 8 from 7:00 to 10:00… 

- Justin Bastien sent in a spectacular photo while location in Alaska that he wanted to share with of us of the Aurora Borealis. He also included a link from his recent film assignment on shark diving in New Zealand

- Soren Petersen gave us an update of his new company, Applied Design Science, and some links to scholarly papers written on his research

- Sharon Cavanagh forwarded three photos of international participants in the Summer Olympics World Games in Los Angeles that she took recently…

- Justin Bastien shares a link to three videos he directed in collaboration with Microsoft also during the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. “We shot and edited all of this onsite in 4 days. Yikes!”… 

- Harvey Chua updates us with some charming photos of her husband, John, working with his elephant, Maali at the Manila Zoo, and a photo of Harvey and John (by Euns Esco) at a photo conference in the Philippines. They also invite anyone who is planning to visit Manila to get in touch with them

- We are delighted to announce that Lynn Rossi will be having her first museum solo photo exhibition at the California African American Museum, December 2015-May 2016!

- Even though the two listed events have already past we have notices of Christine Saiyan’s yoga workshops. In case anyone wishes to tone their body and lift their spirits we have included Christine’s email to find out about future events.


Now here are the complete stories behind the headlines:

- SchmoozeFest! Our fall SchmoozeFest is coming up this week on Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30. As usual it will be held at the Art Center College of Design’s South Campus in Room #231. This is your chance to (if you wish) give a ten-minute presentation of your latest project/product undertaking to a group of like-minded creative people. After the presentations there will be an open networking opportunity to meet and share ideas, possibly connect to collaborate on your next project. It’s a great way to get inspired and to get started with that idea that has been in the back of your mind and could change the world.


- Registration for all of the Art Center at Night/Public Programs classes is ongoing for the fall term which begins Tuesday, September 8 (the day after Labor Day). For more information about the classes you may call Art Center at Night at 626-396-2319, or you may go to their web site at


- “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One- Discovering the Dream” will hold it’s first class on the evening of Tuesday, September 8 from 7:00 to 10:00 at the Art Center College of Design, South Campus. It is a great class to help interested parties research what they have accomplished in the past and form a future career path that is both goal oriented and rewarding. Many of the contributors to this blog have taken the classes, workshops, and attended the lectures that comprise the Crafting a Meaningful Career course and are now living the life they always wished they could. “Follow your heart” is more than a saying; it is a fulfilling way of life and we all need help to create our own path. This class offers an opportunity to discover your hidden attributes and to help you create a life plan that will allow you to achieve your goals with support that extends well beyond the fourteen week class. For information you may contact Art Center at Night/Public Programs at 626-396-2319, or go to their web site at And you can always contact Tony Luna directly at, or call 818-842-5490.


- Justin Bastien- Director + Photographer of Outdoor Sports, Adventure, Lifestyle & Environmental location photography-
Hi Tony, I hope you are doing well my friend. Sure, you are more than welcome to use the photo of the Aurora Borealis I shot a few nights ago for your blog. (Photo attached) I am  up here scouting for a shoot and checking the place out with my family. We are having a blast. There’s always something fun and exciting going on.

Here’s a fun little BTS video from a recent shoot with sharks that is kind of fun.

Let me know when you have things together for your new website and I’ll help you out with it.

Enjoy your get with Paula!


Justin Bastien / Director + Photographer
Justin Bastien / Director + Photographer
Phone: +1-805-340-8262
Instagram: @justinbastien


- Soren Petersen, Design Research Ph.D; Author, “Profit from Design”- Greetings, Trust all is well and you are enjoying the end of summer. Announcing our soft launching of [Applied Design Science] - an online platform for crowdsourcing the valuation of Design Driven Startups. You can find our website on:

The past month we have user tested our Design Valuation Dashboard on startups in Los Angeles and validated its performance on 200 INDEX: Award 2015 applicants, finalists and winners. Two The Huffington Post articles describing the concept can be found on:

INDEX: AWARD -- Funding International Award Winning Design Startups

The INDEX: Award and Why It Matters for Innovation

One scientific paper is has been defended and published at ICED15, Milano Italy, and another has been submitted to the Design Connect Conference, Eeum Korea.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts, ideas and keeping you updated.


Soren Ingomar Petersen, PhD.
ingomar & ingomar - consulting
Los Angeles / Copenhagen
Office: +1 626 441 4862
Cell:   +1 626 497 2648
The Huffington Post:
Bridging business and design - creating progress though project driven innovation


-Sharon Cavanagh- Photographer
Hi Tony, I should have told you I’m shooting the Special Olympics at the moment. Enjoying it very much.

(Excerpts from a more recent email)- Here are three images from my experience with the Special Olympics. From the top, Canadian swimmer, French table tennis and Iranian soccer team.
Thanks for including me in the next newsletter. I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Sharon Cavanagh
USA: (213) 400 5191


- Justin Bastien, Director + Photographer of Outdoor Sports, Adventure, Lifestyle & Environmental location photography-

Here's a few fun things to share with you from last week at the Special Olympics. We shot and edited all of this onsite in 4 days. Yikes!

Microsoft 2015 Special Olympics-

Justin Bastien's recent collaboration with Microsoft brought him to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles to shoot four inspiring athletes from around the world. Justin captured each of their incredible stories through competition footage and interviews showcasing their passion and dedication to their sports. No distance was too far, no obstacle too difficult, no hurdle too high for these athletes to reach their personal bests.

The four films were shot, edited and scored to original music over the course of four days. We kept pace with the athletes, families and coaches as these emotional stories unfolded on a daily basis. Their heartfelt wins, loses, struggles and triumphs were exciting to follow. The objective of this quick turn around was to share the athletes' stories with the online audience while they followed along on social media and other outlets. Thank you to the Special Olympics, Microsoft and Todd Hannigan, the music composer, for bringing these great stories together.

Justin Bastien / Director + Photographer
Justin Bastien / Director + Photographer
Phone: +1-805-340-8262
Instagram: @justinbastien


- Harvey Chua- Artist Representative, Educator- Thanks, Tony. I continue to write for my blog, as well as to post my articles for this blog on a Facebook group called "Business of Photography." I hope to see you on Facebook.

John is actively involved with disaster-preparedness programs of the Philippine Red Cross, and with members of the Philippine Armed Forces by teaching them aerial photography using drones. He remains an active volunteer at the Manila Zoo, taking care of its lone elephant, Maali. If anyone is coming to the Philippines, we'd be glad to help introduce our country to your students and friends.


P.S. I read emails at 9am and 9pm. If you are sending something urgent, kindly
send me an sms or call me so I can check my emails sooner.

Harvey V. Chua
Adphoto, Inc.
3688 Bautista Street, Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines
Office Tel. (63 2) 8316117


- Lynn Rossi- Artist- Hi. I wanted to add something to the creative update.
I will be having my first museum solo photo exhibition at California African American Museum December 2015-May 2016.
:) cheers Lynn


(Editor’s Note: Unfortunately these events have past but you can still keep up with Christine’s classes and workshops by emailing her at
- Christine Saiyan, Yoga Instructor and Graphic Designer-

Total Body Roll-Out!
Sunday, August 23rd
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Get Rid of that stress and don't let it hold you back. Using the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls and informative movement explorations you will learn how to release unnecessary muscular tension, improve body awareness and proprioception, enhance range of motion and functional strength of your upper body, improve everyday posture, ease in daily activities and live injury and pain free!

And more:

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
Sunday, August 30th 4:30-6:30PM
Roots For Wellness Center
38 E. Montecito Ave. Sierra Madre
The class will begin with gentle yoga movement to release tension and pent up energy in the body, breathing practices to clear physical and mental congestion, and set-up into a fully supported Corpse Pose for ultimate relaxation.

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Providing support, inspiration and networking for mid-career creative professionals


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