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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- Update 6-25-15

We have a particularly robust blog this time so let’s get started. Here are the headlines for the latest news in this Update:

- Pete Van Law has put out an urgent request so he can raise the rest of the money needed for his insightful film “For the Life of Me.” There are only six days left to reach the Indigogo goal of $188,500.00 for his documentary of the compellingly humane story of his world wide search of his background and the incredible things he learned along the way that he wants to get out to the public, to schools, and to religious institutions

- Justin Bastien brings us up to date about the wide-ranging projects he has been working on that include a global project for Microsoft’s Global Social Media campaign, as well as spots for Audi, Duracell, Wells Fargo and a new social media app named WAMI. It was not that long ago that Justin left our classes, cameras in hand, and set out on his quest to photograph and film the world and we are very proud of his accomplishments!…

- Marcia Loots-Serna informs us of the many assignments she has been involved in lately as a Creative Director including six campaigns for nail polish brands, work with a company making much needed loans to veterans, and a project for a horse ranch

- Ibarionex Perello’s incredibly successful and in-depth podcasts of photography luminaries “The Candid Frame” has recently joined a network of other photography podcasts called TWIP (This Week in Photography) which will give his informative and inspirational interviews a much wider reach…

- Soren Petersen has provided us with links to two of his impressive presentations: “Design Driven Startups – Performance” at the Danish Engineering Association in February, and “The INDEX: Award and Why It Matters for Innovation” featuring his research on technology and execution risk metrics for identifying venture capital investment opportunities…

- Ulrike Kerber sent us a link to the Skechers - Relaxed Fit commercial she was commissioned to do that features Ringo Starr. Take a look and enjoy!…


Now here are the stories behind the headlines:
- Pete Van Law, Producer- PAY IT FORWARD.
Only six days left to reach our goal of $188,500.00 on Indiegogo!
Help us finish our film. It could change lives.
Maybe yours.

Hi Tony, We could really use your help. That’s why we’re asking for your support by contributing to our fund raiser. We want to get my film out to the public, to schools and religious institutions. This is a powerful story of discovery and deception, of death and deliverance; of one man’s world-wide search for his true identity and the personal obstacles he overcame.

We’ve worked for over a decade on this compelling 50-minute documentary and we’re almost there.  Would you make a donation that will allow us to finish it and make it available to broader audiences by giving free copies to schools and religious institutions across the country?

For details you can go directly to our Indiegogo page by clicking on
You can donate through our Indiegogo Site, but we also accept checks.

Thanks, and...


Pete V.


- Justin Bastien, Director + Photographer of Outdoor Sports, Adventure, Lifestyle & Environmental location photography-

Tony: Here's a little summary for you in the meantime. Some of this could be inspiring for your classes. There just might be hope for us. ;)
Besides wrapping up Microsoft's Global Social Media campaign, I also worked on four spots recently for Audi, Duracell, Wells Fargo and a cool new social media app called WAMI. I am working on pitching a TV show show, photographing the Dalai Lama for his 80th birthday next month, have a big directing project in the works with Ford and a really cool surf trip to the Aleutian Islands for Patagonia. Life is definitely not boring. We are doing an agency tour this week in LA and SF meeting with a bunch of ad agencies to promote the directing and photography work, as well as, our new production company. I started the production company with a good friend of mine and one of my favorite Art Directors of all time, John Doyle from NY. He is great guy and so creative. I am super lucky to be working with him. There's a link to the Core Collective at the bottom of the page.

(Screen shots from Justin Bastien's web site)
Microsoft "DoMore Campaign"


Wells Fargo

WAMI "Launch"

Core Collective

Looking forward to catching up with you soon my friend. Thanks again for all of the help over the years. :)

Justin Bastien / Director + Photographer
Phone: +1-805-340-8262
Instagram: @justinbastien


- Marcia Loots-Serna, Creative Director- Thanks so much Tony. What I've been doing lately

- Worked on 6 campaigns for Nail polish brands.
- I am actually working with a company making loans to Veterans. I'm really happy we can help save and provide vets with loans. They also do a lot to serve vets and support organizations. A cause I can believe in. Especially since so many are in need of help.
- Also a horse ranch in the Bu that is really cool called OneGunRanch (was where Guns and Roses lived)-but is very full of animals, gardens, organic and grows their plants on the cycle of the moon. Fun place.
Anyway that is an update with what I'm up to.

Thanks again-


Marcia Loots-Serna
Creative Direct Response Designer
Ideas by the pound
310.456.2410 studio
310.383.2713 c
On facebook & Linkedin


- Ibarionex Perello-Photographer, host of “The Candid Frame” podcasts-

I hope that you are well. I just wanted to update you on some things for your newsletter.

My show “The Candid Frame” has recently joined a network of other photography podcasts called TWIP (This Week in Photography). I’m really excited about this as it will not only help to grow my audience for the show which will be celebrating 10 years next year, but will also provide a structure for procuring more advertising which is always welcome.

Take care and all the best.

Ibarionex Perello


- Soren Petersen, Design Research Ph.D.; Author, "Profit from Design"-

Here is the link to the presentation I gave on “Design Driven Startups – Performance” at the Danish Engineering Association in February:


Here is a link to a just published The Huffington Post article on INDEX and vetting of finalists:

“The INDEX: Award and Why It Matters for Innovation”

Design awards, technology and execution risk metrics present a strong avenue for identifying venture capital investment opportunities.

Follow Soren Petersen on Twitter:


- Ulrike Kerber, Creative Director

Dear Tony, I grew up with the music of the Beatles and always loved their music. Now I had the chance to work on a commercial for Skechers - Relaxed Fit that features Ringo Starr. Ad agency SelectNY hired me to come up with ideas for the end page. The :30 sec commercial turned out pretty fun. Check it out, see link below!

love. create. inspire.

creative director, Viva Design Inc. 
p 310.466.1154


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