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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 3-31-15

Here are the headlines for what is the latest news in this Update:

- SchmoozeFest!
The next SchmoozeFest is coming up, Thursday May 7! You are being given fair notice to start getting together your presentations to share at our next incredible SchmoozeFest. And don’t worry, you don’t have to give a presentation to attend. You can join in the fun just to schmooze with other creative and talented like-minded people. It’s a great evening of information and inspiration, and who knows, you may meet someone with whom you can collaborate with on your next great idea!…

- Registration for the summer classes at Art Center at Night begins Monday, April 6, and the summer term begins May 9. Check out the website for classes that will inspire you and help you sharpen your skills…

- The next session of “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One- Discovering the Dream” begins Tuesday, May 12 from 7:00 to 10:00. This unique class runs for fourteen weeks and was designed mainly to help mid-career professionals who are eager to take their careers to the next level. Are you ready to embrace change? Well then this is the class to help you in your latest pursuit…

- A reunion of the members of the Fall 2014 Crafting a Meaningful Career class was held on Tuesday, March 23 at Vanessa Stump’s incredible studio located at the Los Angeles Brewery Arts Colony…

- A big thanks goes out to the five creative professionals who acted as representatives of a fictional company to provide mock job interviews for the three sessions of the Art Center “Presentation and Career Preparation” classes

- Even though the event has passed make sure you stay in touch with Christine Saiyan for her Yoga Tune Up (R) and Self-Massage Workshop

- Shirin Raban’s film “The Fifth Question: Why is This Passover Different?” was screened at the USC Hillel on Thursday March 26 at 6:30 pm…

- If you love art and the out doors please visit The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens and walk to the far side of the rose garden where you will see Craftsman/Sculptor Terry Eagan creating his incredible faux bois concrete art framework supporting the magnificent wisteria. If he is working stop by and say hello and let him know you read about him on this blog

- Thanks to College of the Canyons Adjunct Professor, Lee White, for inviting Tony Luna to deliver the lecture “Passion as the Focus of Your Portfolio” on Thursday, March 26 to the Parallax Photography Club


Now here are the extended stories and links behind the headlines. Enjoy, and be prepared to be inspired by the accomplishments of our creative community members: 

- Mark you calendars. The next SchmoozeFest is Thursday, May 7, from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Art Center South Campus (950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena) in Room #231. It would be great to see you there so we can experience the amazing work you have been doing, and you can be part of our “Schmoozy” networking session that will follow the presentations. This presentation and networking event is free and open to all who are interested in crafting more meaningful careers!

- Registration for the summer classes at Art Center at Night begins Monday, April 6, and the summer term begins May 11. Check out the exciting roster of inspiring classes available at the website,

- While looking over the class offerings for the summer term of ACN first go to: “Photography & Imaging,” then to “Crafting a Meaningful Career-1-ACN-473” to read the Course Description. Who knows this may be just the class you need to get you moving on to a more fulfilling career path. And keep in mind that many of the submissions to this blog are from creative professionals who took this course and are now living the careers they designed for themselves!

For more information about these and other classes you may call Art Center at Night at 626-396-2319, or you may go to their web site at

And you can always contact Tony Luna at


- There was a reunion of the Fall 2014 Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One class on Tuesday, March 23 at Vanessa Stump’s amazing photo studio at the Los Angeles Brewery Arts Colony. Left to right: Joel Wilts-Morrison, Vanessa Stump, Bradley Schultz, Stephanie Zhong, Leslie Kim, Jeremy Jackson, and Tony Luna.


- Many thanks must be given to the five creative professionals who volunteered to be the interviewer’s in Tony Luna’s “Presentation and Career Preparation” class for the mock job interviews. Those pros were Craig Mac Gowan, Chuck Chugumlung, Jillian Suzanne, Loren Tripp, and Tom Kobayashi. They not only gave valuable feedback to the Art Center students on their interview presentations but they inspired the students and helped prepare them for their internship and initial job interviews. To those who participated, you had a huge impact on helping our students get started and your insights are much appreciated!


(This noteworthy event has past but had to be acknowledged. Contact Christine for future events.)

- Christine Saiyan, Yoga Instructor and Graphic Designer- Strengthen & Enhance Your Practice with a Yoga Tune Up® Self-Massage Workshop

Sunday, March 22nd

Your bodies are under stress from the work you do all day long. Despite being fit and strong, you can easily create shoulder, back and knee problems or make existing injuries worse.
How can your bodies be their best? How can you take care of stressed bodies without sick days or grinding through? 
This workshop is designed to deliver an interactive class that makes your body feel better immediately and gives tools to use for the rest of your career. 
Learn how to properly use self-myofacial therapy tools to erase pain and improve mobility and enhance performance.

 Contact Christine for more details:


(This noteworthy event has also past but had to be acknowledged)

- Shirin Raban, Visual + Verbal Storyteller | Educator- Shirin’s new film “The Fifth Question: Why is This Passover Different?” was shown at the USC Hillel on March 26. Congratulations Shirin on another important work…
will be screening at the USC Hillel on Thursday March 26 at 6:30 pm.



Terry Eagan
, Craftsman/Sculptor- If you are fortunate enough to spend an afternoon at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens I suggest you look for Terry Eagan as he sculpts his incredible faux bois restoration project of “concrete trees.” He would love to talk with you about his amazing commission to rebuild the structure that graces the wisteria that graces the Rose Garden. You will be amazed at the craftsmanship and thoroughly enjoy watching Terry at work as he works on this incredible work of art.


Tony Luna gave a lecture at to the Parallax Photography Club at the College of the Canyons, March 26. The lecture was titled, “Passion as the Focus of Your Portfolio.” Thanks to photographer, Adjunct Professor, and friend, Lee White for making this lecture possible.


Please continue to support the members of our creative community as they create meaning within their careers. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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Providing support, inspiration and networking for mid-career creative professionals


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