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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 2-28-15

Here are the headlines for the latest news in this Update:

- Congratulations to Jillian Suzanne who was recently accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design, RISD, Teaching/Learning in Art + Design Masters program! Good work Jillian! We are all proud of you…

- Angel Mendoza was interviewed by Derrick Duplessy on the “Purpose Rockstar” podcast. Click on the link and listen to the interview and get inspired by Angel’s story…

- The three students who just completed our “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part Two- Forming the Dream” class at Art Center at Night sent in examples of their current work and are creating the foundations for their new career ventures.
    - First is Laura Elliott who has been selected to be a speaker at the UtopYA 2015 conference in Nashville, TN for Women Writers of Young Adult novels and the Fans Who Love Them…
    - Jeremy Jackson recently directed and edited another outstanding video featuring the Syncopated Ladies tap ensemble and we have a link to view this amazing work and two other must see videos. Check them out…
    - Vanessa Stump happily let us know that she photographed the new March/April covers for the Cheap Eats issues of Westways magazine

- Alena St. James lets us know that her boyfriend has produced a new film titled, “Kindness is Contagious” and they have provided a link to accept pledges for marketing the movie. Take a look at the pitch video and help them in their worthy cause… 


Now here are the extended stories and links behind the headlines. Enjoy, and be prepared to be inspired by the accomplishments of our creative community members:

- Jillian Suzanne- International Artist/Illustrator- “Hi Tony! I first off wanted to thank you for all your help!!! And secondly would like to let you know I was accepted to the RISD Masters (tlad) teaching/ learning in art + design program!!!


- Angel Mendoza, Artist, Graphic Artist- “Hiya Ese, As I threatened.. err, promised.  Here's a link to an interview I gave in which I mentioned you and your book!” -AM

Artist Angel Mendoza on childhood mentorship, career fulfillment, and Mesoamerican art during his podcast interview by Derrick Duplessy on “Purpose Rockstar.”

(Editor’s note: Thank you Angel for your inspirational stories, insightful comments, and focus on what you love. And of course thanks for plugging the class, the book, and the many kind references to the work we do. You are a big part of the success of our group.)


- Laura Eliott, Author, Travel Storyteller, and Inspirational Speaker-

“Hey Tony :)- GREAT class! Thank you so much for being such an inspirational person in my life. Your classes have really given me the ability to remember what's important in business and in life. What a blessing it is to have you to bounce ideas off of and to help me think out-of-the-box. Without your direction and wisdom I would not be where I am today in my business. Thank you very much!

I've been selected to present at UtopYA 2015 in Nashville, TN––a conference for Women Writers of YA and the Fans Who Love Them
. My presentation is THE ART & ADVENTURE OF THE INTERVIEW (or how I came face-to-face with Quentin Tarantino) on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM. Here's the link for more info about UtopYA.”

My passion is to uplift and inspire people with humorous/exotic stories. If you need a life-affirming speaker, I’m your gal. Let’s talk about setting up a special presentation for your event. Drop me a line at
NEED TO GET AWAY? Take a 90-day spontaneous trip around the world with me on Laurasmagicday. Get your bags packed! First stop? OZ. If you can help spread the word I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for helping to spread the word!
Have a great day,

Laura Elliott, stories about travel, spirit and passion:


- Jeremy Jackson, Photographer, Director, and Editor-
“Hey Tony, Thanks again for a great class. Here's the link to the Syncopated Ladies video:

MY LOVE + Syncopated Ladies + Justin Timberlake = A Chloe Arnold/Sheryl Murakami collaboration


Here’s two other must see videos by Jeremy featuring the Syncopated Ladies:

Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies + TAP = ROAR / mobile

Lee How - FLEX


- Vanessa Stump, Food Photographer-

"Art Center Photography alumna Vanessa Stump is excited to share the new March/April covers for the Cheap Eats issue of Westways magazine."

Vanessa Stump


vanessa stump | 323-254-0704 | http// | los angeles, california


- Alena St. James, Graphic Designer- “My boyfriend Roy's latest movie that he has produced is the documentary ’Kindness Is Contagious.’ The film is now completed and Roy and the other producers are raising money for marketing. Please check-out the url below and support this great cause.

This site just went live, so a bunch of quick pledges would really help get the proverbial ball rolling. Please be kind and share the link with everyone.
Many, many thanks from myself and the producers.”



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