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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tony Luna Creative- Update 11-30-14

Here are the headlines of what’s new in this Update followed by the complete stories:

- Registration for the spring 2015 term at Art Center College of Design’s - Public Programs begins Monday, December 1, 2014.

- The spring term begins Monday, January 12, and “Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part One- Discovering the Dream” will start Tuesday, January 13.

- SchmoozeFest! Our next SchmoozeFest event will be Thursday, January 8, the Thursday evening before the beginning of the spring term. Start getting together your work to share with other SchmoozeFesters!…

- Ezekiel Wheeler informs us of his new job position as Senior Account Manager at ASG Renaissance in Newport Beach, Ca representing the exciting new models of Jaguar and Land Rover

- Lici Denning shares with us the debut of the new collection of cards and gifts she has put together as Creative Director of Chuck & Mim Design. Her new company brings together beloved “loved yoga teachers, spiritual teachers and artists in Los Angeles who wish to share their work in new ways to give us simple tools to live more inspired, beautiful lives”…

- Soren Petersen provides us with a link to an article he and Tony Luna co-produced for the Huffington Post titled, “Schmooze or Lose.” Also his “presentation on design driven start-ups for Innovate Pasadena went very well and I have now been invited to present for Pasadena Angels and Caltech Entrepreneur Club”…

- Rick and Allison Ferrante have started a new, timely, and very worthwhile business called Home Care Services in Santa Clarita. Their new endeavor “…provides caregivers for In-home care of seniors and others who might need assistance in their home with any activities of daily living”…

- JT Burke tantalizes us with his description of his latest body of work.  “The Paradise Circus” will premier on January 14th and will “…present my first ever, three-dimensional installation” at the LA Art Show. It “…is a physical and conceptual mash-up of confession booth, cathedral steeple and big top tent.” His energetic effort will be presented at the Los Angeles Convention Center, January 14-18

- And we end this blog edition with a composite photo thanking those who supported the book signing of Tony Luna’s latest book, “Mastering the Business of Photography” at the PDN Photo Plus Expo + Conference in New York City.


Here now are the extended stories behind the headlines. Enjoy, and prepare to be inspired:


- Registration for the spring 2015 term for Art Center’s Public Programs begin Monday, December 1.

"Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One, Discovering the Dream" will run from Tuesday, January 13 to Tuesday, April 14. It is said that a person will have at least seven career changes during their working life. Learn how to use your skill sets, life experiences, and interests to anticipate change, identify what you really want to do with your life, and prepare yourself for change. how to determine your next steps, and confidently execute your plans.

"Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part Two, Forming the Dream" will start Thursday, January 15 and run for six weeks to Thursday, February 19. In this six week class you will begin to create your own life plan or business plan with an emphasis on developing your Vision and Mission Statements, gain knowledge on your competitive advantage, develop your branding and marketing approaches, and design your creative team.

"Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part Three, Fulfilling the Dream" begins Thursday, March 5 for six weeks and ends Thursday, April 9. Part Three allows you to take the knowledge you have learned about yourself and what you want out of your career and complete your life plan/business plan while considering intellectual property rights, forms of ownership, financing your next move, and developing fee structures, among other important topics. When you finish you will have a comprehensive document with milestones that will greatly help you as you create your new career.

For more information about these and other classes you may call Art Center at Night at 626-396-2319, or you may go to their web site at

And you can always contact Tony Luna at

(From Exekiel Wheeler's Facebook (TM) page)

- Ezekiel Wheeler, Automotive Culture Consultant- “Good news everybody! I am now the newest Senior Account Manager at ASG Renaissance in Newport Beach, CA. I'll be representing two of the hottest brands in the industry, Jaguar and Land Rover. I look forward to working with many of you in the near future. Thank you for all of your support and, yes, you can still expect to see my name pop up from time to time in magazines specializing in design, classic cars, tuning culture, and motorsports.

Onwards and Upwards!


Instagram: @AutoStyles
Twitter: @AutoStylesLive


- Lici Denning, founder and Creative Director, Chuck & Mim Design- 26 November, 2014- “Welcome to Chuck & Mim! Today we debut with a collection of cards and gifts by some of Los Angeles’ most loved artists, yoga an spiritual teachers who express what you really need for a peaceful season of joy.”

We are very happy to start with an outstanding group of yoga teachers and artists who are loved and respected around the world: Laura Amazzone, Robert Sturman, Micheline Berry, Marcus Maria Jung and Kate Duyn Cariati. We are also happy to introduce a new artist, Brandon Denning whose creature cards bring a smile to your face even if you really don't feel like smiling. His work is fresh, bold and heart warming.

I personally thank each one of them for sharing their inspiration to create beautiful products for you.

A central part of Chuck & Mim Design is helping causes that we feel strongly about. Each artist has chosen an organization to donate a portion of their proceeds to. Your purchase helps support a variety of important issues: ocean conservation, redwoods conservation, youth mentorship and education, anti-child slavery, stopping human trafficking, animal rights and California's wildlife.

Our featured card this month is 'Flowers for Kam' - a greeting card in honor of Kam Kamerchen and everyone who suffers from mental illness. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Agency in Los Angeles.

Our community of artists and our offerings will grow in the coming weeks. Please come back soon and watch us grow.


Lici Denning
Chuck & Mim Design
Founder & Creative Director


- Soren Petersen, President at ingomar & ingomar Consulting- “Trust all is well and thank you for the monthly update. Our The Huffington Post article has just been accepted and you can find it on: ‘Schmooze or Lose’- The passion-centered life is most rewarding and that life is altogether too short to be living someone else's dream.

And, Here, the presentation on design driven startups for Innovate Pasadena went very well and I have now been invited to present for Pasadena Angels and Caltech Entrepreneur Club. More data collection opportunities!
Thank you for good collaboration…”


Soren Ingomar Petersen, PhD.
ingomar & ingomar - consulting
Los Angeles / Copenhagen
Office: +1 626 441 4862
Cell:    +1 626 497 2648

The Huffington Post:
  Bridging business and design - creating progress though project driven innovation


- Rick Ferrante, President, Home Care Services- “Hi and I hope things are going well with both of you! I have started a new business and I wanted to let you know about what we do and was hoping for your support.

Home Care Services provides caregivers for In-home care of seniors and others who might need assistance in their home with any activities of daily living. I could be just companionship but can also include cooking, light house cleaning, bathing dressing, toileting, transportation, and just help around the house. We find and manage caregivers to go to the client’s home where the need could range from a few hours a week, up to 24hours every day, to anything in between. Here is our website if you want to see the full range of services and check us out.”


Rick Ferrante, President
Home Care Services
Santa Clarita


JT Burke, Artist, Photographer- “Hi Tony, I'm working on a project that I'd like to share with you.

On January 14th I'll present my first ever, three-dimensional installation at the LA Art Show. My particular style of jewelry-inspired 2-D compositions will clad all the sides of a 16' tall, sheet metal and canvas structure that I've designed. The project is titled The Paradise Circus, Los Angeles 2015.

The Circus, as I proposed it last summer, is a physical and conceptual mash-up of confession booth, cathedral steeple and big top tent. 

The exterior of the structure will be covered with circus posters announcing religious-themed acts, presenting canonical mythology as entertainment spectacle. It's a lighthearted lampoon of traditional orthodoxies and a comparison of doctrinal storytelling with carnival merriment.

The interior of The Circus will be darker, featuring symbols, characters and runes of unknown origin in a foreboding environment. A large, imposing face greets you at the entrance (could that be St. Peter, Ridwan, Uriel or Charon?) and a traditional church kneeler invites you to make obeisance and push open the slider to reveal...a small glimpse of Paradise.

It is said that the role of the artist is to reveal unseen truths. I am creating this work, and all the work in this ongoing series, because I often wonder about what lies beyond this mortal life. I question the veracity of those who claim to know, and challenge the authority of monolithic institutions that spin stories and perpetuate myths for purposes of social control and political gain.

Follow along with me and my team for the next 62 days on the blog or on Facebook as we produce this project right up to opening night. And please join us at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 14-18 to see and experience the completed Circus.


J.T. Burke
BurkeTriolo Studio
538 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030 USA
p: 626.799.1405


- Composite photo of the book signing of Tony Luna’s latest book, “Mastering the Business of Photography: What the Pros Do When They Are Not Taking Incredible Pictures” at the PDN Photo Plus Expo + Conference in New York City, October 31 and November 1, 2014. Thanks to all who participated in the promotion of the book!


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Author: "How to Grow as a Photographer: Reinventing Your Career" Allworth Press and
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Providing support, inspiration and networking for mid-career creative professionals

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