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Friday, October 24, 2014

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 10-24-14

Here are the headlines of what’s new in this Update:

- Tony Luna will be holding a book signing at the Photo Plus Expo in New York City at 11:00 in the morning, Friday, October 31. He will be signing copies of his latest book, “Mastering the Business of Photography; What the Pros Do When They Are Not Taking Incredible Pictures” at the ASMP/Skyhorse-Allworth booth #873. If you plan to go to the Expo drop by to have your book signed.

- Justin Bastien has been picked to shoot a sixty-day, around the world photo shoot for Microsoft. And he will be featured in an article to appear in Bok-eh online magazine later this year. The article, “Living the Passion Centered Life,” chronicles his work which has evolved into a dream career filled with adventure, travel, and a passion for life

- Christine Saiyan invites us to be part of her spiritual approach to healing through her yoga classes. And she urges us to sign up for her incredible Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy next year. The final date for reservation for this wonderful enterprise is October 31 so read the article and contact Christine to reserve your place. In addition to the retreat you will visit Siena, Voltera, San Gimignano, and the Petriolo Hot Springs. Join in this adventure of the spirit

- Tamar Levine contacts us to let us know about the opening reception of her gallery show, “You Should Smile More”, at the Lois Lambert Gallery at Bergamot Station on November 15th. She will be showing new work as well as work for the last decade…

- Soren Petersen directs us to a link that will take us to his latest Huffington Post article, “Why don't design consultancies create startups?” The article, co-written by Martin Willers, considers the topic of what makes design consultancies better suited than others to create start-ups

- Dennis Hill let us know that his work has been featured on the Behance Art Center Gallery. Also that he had a booth featuring his photography at the Craftsman Weekend Exhibition back on October 18th and 19th at the Pasadena Convention Center

- Ulrike Kerber announces that in the last few weeks she has designed and animated a lot of logos ranging from health, production companies to E! Entertainment show logos


Here now are the extended stories behind the headlines. Enjoy, and be inspired:

Editor’s note: - Tony Luna will be doing a book signing next week at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo on Friday, October 31 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.
He will be signing copies of his latest book, “Mastering the Business of Photography: What the Pros Do When They Are Not Taking Incredible Pictures” at the ASMP/Skyhorse/Allworth booth #873 starting at 11:00 A.M. If you are planning to attend the Expo stop in and say hi!

The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo is the largest photography and imaging show in North America, attended by over 22,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts. There are over 220 exhibits, thousands of new products, over 80 conference seminars, keynote presentations, special events and much more.

Bolivia, 2006 (C) Justin Bastien

- Justin Bastien, Individual Sports/Adventure Photographer-

Justin will be embarking on an exciting sixty-day around-the-world photo shoot creating environmental portraits for a global digital campaign for Microsoft.

He will also be featured in a Bo-keh online magazine [for iPads (TM) and iPhones (TM)] titled “Living the Passion Centered Life” written by Tony Luna. The issue will be coming out later this year and describes his evolution from field geologist and rock climber, to web designer, owner of a digital asset management company, to photographer and director. His recent credits include a commercial he shot for Toyota, and this year alone he has shot spots for Ford, and JP Morgan Chase. Recently while in Tanzania, he worked on a National Science Foundation film directed to inspire students to pursue science as a career. He has journeyed to Bolivia, Morocco, Greenland, the slums of India, and the Arctic.


- Christine Saiyan, Yoga Instructor and Graphic Designer-
Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls Strategies for Self Care- From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head and everywhere in between, you will explore all the micro-regions of your body with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and excavate tension from your joints and tissues. Learn fast, proven techniques to help ease pain, tension and stress in areas such as the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, IT Band, calves, feet and more!

Also contact Christine if you wish to be a part of her incredible Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy!

Tuscany, Italy - May 16th-23rd, 2015
Join us for a breathtaking retreat next Spring!

Reservation deadline by October 31st: $250
Total Single and double occupancy: $2000
call/text: 818-468-8724
Practice yoga and meditation, enjoy the scenery, great food and company.

    Contact Christine for more details:
Itinerary includes tours to the following locations:

- Siena- This town is well known for the Palio horse race, which takes place twice a year. This is a culminating event to which the various sections (Contradas) of town participate.
- Voltera- Volterra developed in the medieval times but there are archeological sites that go back to the Etruscans and the Romans. Volterra is where the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer were set in the books. The main sights are the Roman theater, the square of Priori, the Cathedral with artworks by Agostino Veraci, Santi di Tito and others, the Etruscan museum. Volterra is also known for its alabaster production and you can find many objects and artwork made with this beautiful stone.
- San Gimignano- San Gimignano is a small medieval town famous for its towers. Towers were the symbols of wealth and power: the tallest the tower the tower, the richer and more powerful the family.
- The Petriolo Hot Springs- The Petriolo Hot Springs are set in nature, with a fresh water river running next to them. Waters have sulphur, which is very good for the skin, making it very soft


- Tamar Levine, Photographer/Director- “Hello all, I am so happy to invite you to the opening reception of my gallery show, “You Should Smile More”, at the Lois Lambert Gallery at Bergamot Station on November 15th. I’ll be debuting some new pieces that I am very excited to share, as well as a collection of work from the past decade.

For more info, you can find the press release here:
I hope to see you there!”



- Soren Petersen, Ph.D, President at ingomar and ingomar consulting- “What makes design consultancies better suited than others to create start-ups? For starters, they have a process for understanding what people want. From day one things will just look and feel better and smarter with design thinking on board.  The world is experiencing a boom in interest around startups as well as in design and the combination of the two is seen as the perfect cocktail for creating new and innovative offerings. Despite this perfect marriage, startups still seem to be baffled about how and when to engage design. This begets the question ‘Why don't design consultancies create startups?’”

For the rest of this insightful report, Co-written by Martin Willers, read:
“Design Consultancies - The Perfect Platform for Launching Startups”


(Editor’s note: Sorry that this event has passed but we wanted to give credit to Dennis and his accomplishments)

- Dennis Hill, The Architect’s Photographer- “Tony, Don’t know if this will make it in time for your next posting but 2 things going on. First, I received a notice that my work has been featured on the Behance Art Center Gallery.

Secondly, I will have booth at the upcoming Craftsman Weekend Exhibition Oct. 18th and 19th at the Pasadena Convention Center.

We Bring Your Vision to Light
626 345 0670


- Ulrike Kerber, Principal and Creative Director at Viva Design Inc.- “Greetings! The last few weeks I designed and animated a lot of logos ranging from health, production companies to E! Entertainment show logos. The interesting thing about designing company logos is that I learn a lot about the organizations. You have to order to communicate a thought or feeling and to generate a desired emotional response. 

 E! Host Australia is designed for a talent search and needed to reflect E!'s branding. Flowmotion is a media and distribution company that produces infomercials and more. Rilascio is a Spinal Network Analysis Center, a new and gentle way of Chiropractic.  More logos are on my project pages.

Visual identity has a big impact, it communicates non-verbally subtle characteristics of your company. If you want to find out more about your brand and are considering a design or re-design, let me know and I will send you my questionnaire.
Ciao Darlings!  Hasta la Vista!
p 310.466.1154
love. create. inspire.


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Author: "How to Grow as a Photographer: Reinventing Your Career" Allworth Press and
"Mastering the Business of Photography: What the Pros Do When They Are Not Taking Incredible Photos" Skyhorse/Allworth Press

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