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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tony Luna Creative- Update 1-31-14

Our January SchmoozeFest was a great success! Marcy Craig, Angel Mendoza, and Tony Luna gave their impressions of the impact their trip to Cuzco/Machu Picchu had on their careers
Also at the SchmoozeFest, Soren Petersen gave a lively and in-depth presentation on the work he has been conducting on design research including his recent work in South Korea and Hong Kong. Below is a listing, with links, of the articles he has produced with his design research… 

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:
- Ezekiel Wheeler brings us up to speed on the future of, and VMM, a boutique journalism firm specializing in automotive photography, design & the power of the written word, and is looking for Writers, Designers, Photographers, Videographers and others passionate about the automotive industry and need representation
- Adam Mefford informs us on what is happening with his monthly networking venue, “Currency.” Find out more to attend upcoming meetings…
- Harvard Business Review- Included are a reprint and link to an article of note, “It’s Not Too Late to Reinvent Yourself” by Dorie Clark. It’s a good read and reinforces our philosophy…


Scenes from the SchmoozeFest:

- The January SchmoozeFest was enthusiastically held on January 9, from 6:30 to 10:00 P. M. at the Art Center South Campus. Those present were entertained by the presentations given which were followed by a networking and “schmooze” session. Three separate special presentations were delivered by Marcy Craig, Angel Mendoza, and Tony Luna on the things they discovered and were inspired by on their recent trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

Marcy discussed the research she uncovered on traditional methods for textile weaving and dying by the indigenous Quechua people of Peru;

gave a power Point presentation on Inca art and its influence on his graphic and silver jewelry designs;

showed his photos of Machu Picchu while reading a poem he wrote that was inspired by the magnificence of Machu Picchu.

The next SchmoozeFest is tentatively scheduled for May 9.


- From Soren Petersen, Engineer, Automotive Designer, Design Researcher, PhD-

“Hi Tony, thank you for a great SchmoozeFest, only sorry I could not stay for the full experience. Here are a couple of links to our design research and look forward to connect when we have new findings on design driven innovation and start-ups.”

Tricked by Intuition

Designers' Strategic Comprehension Can Foster Overconfidence and Gambling Behaviors

Influence of Risk-Attitude on Design Driven Innovation

Korean Design - Developing a Design Culture 
Breakthrough Innovation: For People Without Reason And Accountability



- From Ezekiel Wheeler, Automotive Culture Consultant, on new developments for ASM and VMM-

The gateway to the automotive industry through design, destinations and culture. For the past five years, ASM has prided itself on creating a destination where the entire experience of automotive ownership and enthusiasm is showcased. Numbers are boring and talking heads seem to be characters of the real human experience. ASM dives into all aspects of the automotive environment, destinations, drives, events, interviews, clothing, and products all play a vital role when enjoying life on the tarmac.

FUTURE: Take ASM to a bi-monthly printed newsletter and a quarterly magazine covering the lifestyle of automotive ownership. Destinations, Fashion, Events, Products and (of course) the cars that get us there.

VMM is a boutique journalism firm. Specializing in automotive photography, design & the power of the written word; we tell the stories corporations want to tell. The new phrase, content is king, is only as powerful as the content you create. VMM is here to provide our extensive professional journalism background to populate the next generation of automotive public relations. Corporations do more between press releases than their customers are privy to. These companies are made up of enthusiasts and adventurers who strive to connect with their customers each and every day. VMM provides a third-party perspective on the internal workings and outreach each company goes through to provide the products their customers desire.

FUTURE: To attract talented individuals to work under the VMM umbrella. Think of us like a talent agency of the (for now) automotive industry. Writers, Designers, Photographers, Videographers and Artists; any talented individuals looking to connect with the industry. Opposed to approaching corporations solo, individuals can utilize VMM as their personal agent and mediator. You get to do what you love all the time while we hunt for the jobs you love

Ezekiel C. Wheeler
Founder & Creative Director


- From Adam Mefford, Product Design, Business, Branding and Product Development-
Currency presents a monthly evening event where luminaries and leaders speak on business innovation to an audience of creative professionals. Hosted in Downtown Los Angeles in various venues, cocktails, exhibits and entertainment are part of the package. 21 and over please, RSVP is required.

Theme of the recent January 28 event  ::  Eastern Inspiration
Asia’s rise is being felt not only economically, but also culturally around the world. What new products and services will arise as the tastes and values of ascendant Asian powers are better recognized here in the US?
Find out more about Currency events by clicking on:
call 213-446-2492


- Excerpt reprinted from The Harvard Business Review:
January 23, 2014
It’s Not Too Late to Reinvent Yourself
“Professional reinvention is different later in your career. Over-50 professionals who hope to make a transition should consider these tips:

Overqualified? Own it. Instead of ducking the issue, lead with it. Having been a manager, you understand the pressures and frustrations your potential employer faces, so you can be an even better employee.
Social media is no longer optional. If you don’t have a presence on basic sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, you’re likely to be dismissed as a Luddite. Your social presence is increasingly viewed as a proxy for staying current professionally.

Connect with your past. Some of the most valuable professional opportunities come from people we’ve lost touch with. In the years since you last communicated, your “dormant ties” have connected with new people and gathered new knowledge. Your history and shared experience makes it more comfortable to reconnect; reach out and reintroduce yourself.”

Adapted from “How to Reinvent Yourself After 50” by Dorie Clark.


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