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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 11-20-13

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- Harvey Chua relates the devastation in the wake of typhoon Haiyan in the Philipines and the work she and her photographer husband, John, and been doing after the disaster. She asks that you support the relief efforts

- Harvey Chua also earlier sent in a report of the work she is doing educating artists in the business of photography, and the pro-bono work she and John are conducting with the Photography Beyond Sight program

- Loren Tripp invites us to join her at one of the upcoming Innovate Pasadena Friday coffee meet-ups and encourages artists and designers to get together with business people to form new collaborations. Let’s see if we can get something started and create some new synergies…

- Ulrike Kerber provides us with a link to the latest music video Vivadesign created by using thousands of photos of melting ice cubes with jewelry inside. You must check out this amazing work!…

- Chris Garlington urges us to go to and vote for his new invention, the “underHoodie” a Car Fire Suppression System that goes under the hood of a car. He only needs 157 more votes in the next 22 days, so Vote for Chris!...

- Diana Mulvihill is involved in the production of an online publication which is doing a Kickstarter to create a printed edition

- The Photography Department at Santa Monica College is still looking for a professional in photography (a photographer, artist representative, or art buyer) to teach the Business of Photography class beginning in January

- Tony Luna will be delivering a presentation to The Actor’s Fund of SAG/AFTRA titled, “The Abundance Within: Revitalizing Your Career Search” on Thursday, November, 21…


Here are the complete stories:

From Harvey Chua, Manager, Adphoto, Makati City, Philippines-

Dated Nov. 14- “Hi Tony, Thank you very much for your concern, and for your offer of help. I believe that the best way for people abroad to help is through accredited relief agencies in your own country. I only ask that you specify that it is for the Philippines. The Red Cross is very actively on the forefront of relief operations, so I would suggest the Red Cross. This way, you can also ensure that your donations are tax-deductible.

We're doing the same thing over here - coordinating with the Philippine Red Cross. When I visited their office, I saw foreign counterparts, including, Japanese Red Cross, German Red Cross, Red Crescent (I think that's the equivalent of the Red Cross in Muslim countries).

John was able to take aerial and ground photos. He left Sunday (immediately after the typhoon) for Tacloban and came back on Monday. He left again this morning for Tacloban. There are other provinces that were damaged by the super typhoon, but the Philippine Air Force, as well as the U.S. Air Force, have made Tacloban their base of operations.

Those of us in Manila are safe and not directly affected by the typhoon, but I don't think that there is anyone - individual, corporation, or NGO - that has not been affected, or moved by what happened in the Visayas and parts of Palawan. John showed us his photos and told us stories, and I was in tears. Volunteers crowd relief agencies, drop-off points (like schools and companies) to repack relief goods. As I heard one Philippine Air Force say, "the relief tasks are overwhelming, but the response has also been overwhelming." The outpouring of help and compassion for our people has been overwhelming, and our people are grateful as well as hopeful. CNN has focused on the Philippines and their continued coverage keeps the world informed as to what is happening here. Last night, I saw a footage of people in Tacloban - children, women and men - still laughing and smiling. I found it interesting that one mother who gave birth two days after the storm has named her son Haiyan. There is great optimism, and an indomitable sense of humor - even in the face of great adversity. That is probably what is unique about the Filipino, and what gives me hope that we will survive and we will overcome.

Since disasters bring out the best and the worst in us, I thought that I would personally try to help by re-posting information on how to make donations to accredited organizations, what relief work is being done, survival and other inspirational stories. I pick up positive stories and throw it back for my friends to see.

Our own staff - just 17 of us - and my children have decided to skip our traditional Christmas party, raffle and gift-giving so we can donate to the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda, in the Philippines).

The reconstruction work will take much longer, so I pray that help will continue to come even when media's attention has been diverted by newer events elsewhere.

Thank you for your concern, and for your continued friendship.”


P.S. I read emails at 9am and 9pm. If you are sending something urgent, kindly
send me an sms or call me so I can check my emails sooner.

Harvey V. Chua
Adphoto, Inc.
3688 Bautista Street, Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines
Office Tel. (63 2) 8316117


- From Harvey Chua- Dated Nov. 16- “We took some snacks for the pilots and crews, and tomorrow, we're setting up a day-care center. City residents offer a "Free Ride" service to ferry evacuees to their relatives in Metro Manila. Evacuees are welcomed with food, clothes, toys. Everyone is trying to help in any which way they can. There are many touching scenes at the Air Force side of the airport.

But, there is so much to be done.

Thank you for your continuing concern.”


- From Harvey Chua- Dated October 26 (before the typhoon)- “Thanks, Tony, for this update (10-25-13). I am giving a three-hour talk on "Jumpstarting Your Photography Business" tomorrow morning, as organized by the Federation of Pilipino Photographers Foundation." John, on the other hand, is pro bono work as an aerial photographer to document the damage wrought by a 7.2 earthquake in the beautiful Philippine island of Bohol.

Next month, we are taking five visually-impaired (blind from birth) children and their parents, to Hong Kong to enjoy and photograph Disneyland. These are the children who were chosen to participate in our Photography Beyond Sight program which was conceptualized and implemented last year. It is a continuing program. They will also be visiting a school for the visually-impaired in HK. Their trip is being sponsored by a generous private donor from Hong Kong.

I would have applied for the teaching job in Santa Monica (Business of Photography - right down our alley) but California is a little too far. :)

Best regards,


- From Loren Tripp, Artist- “Hi Tony. I took your class a few years ago and think of the group often!  One of the other students turned me on to the concept of Coworking, which is still my focus today.  I’m still plugging away at opening a space in Pasadena.  

Which brings me to why I’m writing: while trolling for potential members, I came across this group in Pasadena recently and thought it could be a good fit for what you do.  It’s a Tech and Start-up group in Pasadena, sponsored by the city and Cal Tech and I think Art Center has a hand in it, too.  For all I know, you’re on the founding board!  

Anyway, in your class there were so many great Idea People trying to be Business People; here are the Business People looking for Great Ideas

Here is the link to there Meet- up,  It has been a fascinating group to be a part of, even if I only understand half of what they’re talking about! They usually have a speaker then do intros and then people break off into espresso-fueled collaborations until lunch. Whenever I go to their Friday morning coffees I think that putting these business people together with the artists and designers from your group would be a great collaboration. I have found a dozen potential members and two potential collaborators, and best of all, discovered that this is not the group I want to cater to in my space.  My heart is with the Creatives; the techies have IdeaLab, Pas Angels, etc.  Artists got nothin’ in this town!  It starts at 8:15 on Fridays- please come by.

I hope all is well and thank you for the e-mail updates!

Best wishes,

Loren Tripp


- From Ulrike Kerber- Photographer, Artist- “We (at created some unique music videos/commercials. To create this particular look we took thousands of photos of melting ice cubes with jewelry inside it. Sequencing that many photos resulted in an artsy, strange and memorable edit. This one turns out to be more on the dark side. The music “atoms for peace” goes well together with the visuals… in a slightly unnerving, but good way! See here,

This style is excellent for showing beauty and fashion products.

On Vimeo- “Black Ring with Atoms for Peace”


- From Chris Garlington, Photographer and Inventor- “I invented a Car Fire Suppression System that I am calling 'underHoodie' because it goes under the hood of your car. If and when flames touch the device, the container explodes, releasing the fire suppression material and extinguishing the fire before it spreads! I posted it on an invention website ( and need your vote to help it get developed into a product that could save countless lives!

Please visit this link and vote. Also, please post the link on Facebook and Twitter, blogs, anywhere you can for the next 29 days! I only need 169 more votes and it will move into the development phase! Many thanks!! :)”

With gratitude,

Chris Ian Garlington
Voice | Text @ 310 579 5069

(Editor’s note: As of today Chris needs 157 votes in the next 22 days so vote for him and ask your friends to vote for his great idea!)


- From Diana Mulvihill, Photographer- “Hi Tony. I'm involved with this magazine, and we are featured on aphotoeditor today and also doing a Kickstarter to create a printed edition in the next couple of months. thought you might like to share it in the 'tonylunacreative' emails.”


- From Santa Monica College- The Photography Department at SMC is interested in interviewing a photographer to teach the Business of Photography-Photo 60 class which will begin in the spring term. The class covers a wide range of topics related to running a photography business from presenting a body of work, marketing, estimating, coordinating a shoot, how to invoice a job, copyrighting work, professional protocols, ethics and other valuable skills necessary to building a successful business. Contact the chair of photography department, Ford Lowcock,, or Tony Luna at


- Tony Luna will be delivering a presentation to The Actor’s Fund of SAG/AFTRA titled, “The Abundance Within: Revitalizing Your Career Search” on Thursday, November, 21. It will focus on discovering the hidden attributes we all possess that can help us create new meaningful career alternatives.


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