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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 10-24-13

Editor's Note- We are at the seven week half-way point of our "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream" at the Art Center at Night/Public Programs and things are progressing nicely. The participants have shared their artwork to give us insights into what they LOVE to create, and we have just begun the "Timeline of your Work and Personal History" presentations. This is an incredibly talented and supportive group and it is a pleasure working with them. If you wish to learn more about the class for the spring term you may find out more by clicking on (scroll down to: Crafting a Meaningful Career-ACN-473), or go to
or call Tony Luna at 818-842-5490.

Additional Note- Look for a future TLC- Update blog on the CMC crew that went to Cusco/Machu Picchu and participated in the adventure. It will enchant and inspire you.


Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- The Photography Department at Santa Monica College is looking for a professional in photography (a photographer, artist representative, or art buyer) to teach the Business of Photography class beginning in January

- Heidi Netzley let us know that she has a new position as Business Development Manager at Troika...

- Jill Hundenski sent in a notice that Team One Advertising is searching to fill a position for an Associcate Art Producer

- Christine Caldwell notifies us that Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine wrote an in-depth article on her unique work with cynanotype photography...

- Suzanne Weinstock is looking for a social media guru to teach the ins and outs of social media...

- Soren Peteresen brings us up to date on his latest teaching and research in Korea for Graphic Design scholars...

- Pete Van Law has put out a call for a line producer for a film production...

- Erv Nichols sent in a profound observation on life, natural beauty, and meaningfulness in life that had to be shared. A must read...


- From Santa Monica College- The Photography Department at SMC is interested in interviewing a photographer to teach the Business of Photography-Photo 60 class which will begin in the spring term. The class covers a wide range of topics related to running a photography business from presenting a body of work, marketing, estimating, coordinating a shoot, how to invoice a job, copyrighting work, professional protocols, ethics and other valuable skills necessary to building a successful business. Contact the chair of photography department, Ford Lowcock,, or Tony Luna at


- From Heidi Netzley, Business Development Manager, Troika- Brand Consultancy and Creative Agency- "Hi Tony! Hope all is well! I wanted to share that I accepted an offer of employment with Troika, a brand consultancy and creative agency. My new position is Business Development Manager. It's a fantastic opportunity. Check out our website:"

All my best,
Heidi Netzley


- From Jill Hundenski, Fine Artist, and Freelance Art Producer- Team One is currently seeking an Associate Art Producer. This Person will help support the other art producers in the department with portfolio shows, stock photography searches and help creating photography mood boards. We're looking for an ambitious, self-starter, a creative resource that can build partnerships while trouble-shooting day to day tasks. The ideal candidate will a keen eye and passion for the arts.

1-2 years related experience preferred but not required.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, please email


- From Christine Caldwell, Fine Art Photographer- Reprinted from her FALL 2013 Newsletter: Hi There, I have a lot of exciting news to share with you.  I was recently interviewed by Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine.  The in-depth article 'Cyanotypes Reborn' is currently featured in their volume 11 issue. Bokeh is a skills guide for beginners to intermediate professional photographers providing tips, techniques and tutorials on how to create better images.  For iPhone & iPad users please use this link and offer code to view the article.  Offer Code: bokehfriends


- From Suzanne Weinstock- Graphic Artist, and Realtor- Crafting a Meaningful Career graduate who is doing what she LOVES as a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway on the Westside and in the Valley is looking for a social media guru who can tutor and help set me up in Hootsuite, Buffer, INTT and so much more. Please either text or call me at 310-502-0402, or e-mail me at     
Thank you!

Warm regards,
Suzanne Weinstock

Greenberg + Weinstock Real Estate
c. 310.502.0402
f. 818.990.4750
Berkshire Hathaway
16810 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, CA 91436
BRE 01921181


- From Soren Petersen- Engineer, Automotive Designer, Design Researcher, PhD-  "Hi Tony, Good to hear from you and thank you for the update. Here, I have been living in Seoul for the seven months now doing research in Designer's Risk-attitude, Design Driven Startups, Gamification of Conceptualization and Integrating Marketing & Technology in the early design of breakthrough products. In parallel I am teaching two courses and doing some consulting. Life is very good, except Marysia is 16 time zones away ;-) Will be back for Christmas though."



From Pete Van Law, Producer- A story editor friend of mine asked me to help them locate a line producer for a 20 day film project called HARBINGER DOWN. It's a survival story that takes place on a fishing trawler somewhere in the Arctic. On board the ship is its crew, and a group of scientists on a scientific expedition, when it's attacked  - you guessed it - by alien creatures. There's also an iceberg involved. All principal photography will be done locally on the company's stage.

The production company is ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) . These guys are masters with creature FX and have won Oscars for their prowess. The project is a film to be done with all practical creature VFX. IOW it will be done with little or no CGI. It has been funded with a budget estimated at $400,000 for the 20 days. There is a separate budget for a 2nd unit shoot in the arctic. It will shoot locally, probably in January.
Please let me know if you know of someone that who might be interested that I can contact. Or if you yourself are interested. If so, let me have the necessary contact info and I'll submit your/their name to them.
Thanks and regards,

Pete V.
Pete's Gmail
Twitter: @pete_pvan


- From Erv Nichols, Photographer and Naturalist- "Last week a local lady from Sedona died. She was a well known and well respected woman of 80, 84 or 86. Reports vary. I wish I had known her but I didn’t. She led hikes and other programs here at Red Rock State Park where Sandra and I are working, for many years. Last Thursday on a beautiful fall day she was hiking with friends in Oak Creek Canyon as we were, when she stopped for lunch. As she was enjoying the fall colors of the trees all around, the towering rock formations carved by a million years of water rushing through the canyon, a single tree picked that moment to fall and take her life....SHE DIED BY A TREE FALLING ON HER!... WOW!
Not knowing her or her feelings on dying I can’t speculate on how she would have felt about leaving that way, but as for me I would like to put in a request for a similar departure in 10 or 15 years. Maybe even in the same canyon. There are few places as full of nature’s beauty especially in the fall. Right now it’s a tossup whether I want a tree to whack me there or have a rock break loose at Shoshone Point and dump me in the Grand Canyon.
None of us will know how we leave until that final moment, but I hope when my time comes friends will smile and say 'That’s just how he would have wanted it.'" 


That's it for now. Thanks to all for their informative and inspiring contributions.

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