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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 10-1-13

Editors note: My apologies for the two-month long absence in getting out our Tony Luna Creative- Update blog, but a lot has been happening.
     Since the last blog I fulfilled a lifelong promise to myself to visit Machu Picchu and the adventure was even sweeter because two of our Crafting a Meaningful Career alums, Marcy Craig and Angel Mendoza, were also part of our amazing trip. On top of that we had the honor of joining my good friend, Anthropologist/Archeologist, Dr. George Miller as he guided us on an incredible tour of the ancient Peruvian citadel. I will have more on this enlightening adventure in the next blog. When I returned I immediately began a hectic schedule of teaching--five classes this term at Art Center College of Design including our "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One-Discovering the Dream" class with a vibrant group of creative professionals, as well as teaching one class at Santa Monica College--along with working on edits of my next book. So things have been extremely hectic, but even more than that they have been ultimately rewarding. -Tony Luna

Enjoy this edition of our TLC blog as you read about the accomplishments of our Friends of TLC and be open to tap into their creative energies!


Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- In case you missed it click on the link to the September 15 Los Angeles Times front page article regarding Vahe Alaverdian's amazing career transition and the new company he has created named Falcon Force.
Many of you will remember my talking about him in my classes and lectures and his latest accomplishments even go beyond what I mentioned in previous discourses. It's a great read about an amazing individual who is living his dream!…

- Chuck Chugumlung gives us an inspired insight into a new venture he is embarking upon which has the potential of being of universal benefit…

- Barbara Bordnick announces another one of her incredibly informative and uplifting Flower Photography Workshops in New York City on October 12 & 13

- Anne Reeves invites all to be a part of her extremely useful workshop, "Powerful Presentations- Hot To Tell It So You Can Sell It" on Wednesday, October 16, at the Art Center at Night South Campus

- Anna Berkal graciously informs us of thirteen employment opportunities at the Art Center College of Design… 


(Screen shot from the Los Angeles Times video, Sept. 15, 2013. Click on the link below to view video.)

- From Vahe Alaverdian, Photographer and Falconer-

In case you missed the front page Los Angeles Times story on September 15 about Vahe Alaverdian and his newly formed bird abatement company titled "Farmers using falcons to scare off crop-eating birds" by David Pierson you can click on the link below to read the story and watch the video about Vahe's amazing venture. His story will delight and inspire you; it's a must read!,0,2197126.story

For more information on his Professional Bird Abatement Services click on


Annexx Studio

- From Chuck Chugumlung, Graphic Designer, User Interface and Online Advertising Guru, Annexx Studio-

"Hi Tony, I hope all is well. It's been a while since I've updated you on my progress. I am happy to report this year has brought a lot of blessings.

Back when I took CAMC1 I can recollect revealing how my focus was to work on a project that was a benefit to a lot of people. I'm currently working on a solar power analytics project and I have been asked to play a key roll in the design of the User Interface. I am working with some great people, including engineers, developers, a scientist, and some great business associates that I have grown very fond of. It has been very challenging getting through the learning about solar energy power system, but It has been very very rewarding, knowing my efforts will be of universal benefit to some degree. Overall, this is like a dream job to me! and I feel very fullfilled."

Best Regards,
Chuck Chugumlung


- From Barbara Bordnick, Legendary fashion, portrait, nude and floral Photographer-

next Flower Photography Workshops, October 12 & 13, 2013

Watch the video and reserve your place at the next workshop:


- From Anne Reeves, Presentation Coach, and Principal at Shimokochi-Reeves Branding and Package Design-

"Powerful Presentations- How To Tell It So You Can Sell It"
Are nerves preventing you from giving your best presentation? This workshop will help you present confidently with power and purpose!

"Three hour interactive, fun and informative class. Participants leave with practical skills for delivering powerful presentations in the real world."
– Jay Weston, Huffington Post

Wed Oct 16 2013, 7-10pm
Powerful Presentations  •  #ACN-589W  • 

Art Center at Night • Art Center College of Design • South Campus
950 South Raymond Ave • Pasadena • CA 91105

To Register:
Select "Register" > "Register Now" > Search for (Key Word): "Powerful Presentations"
or call: 626-396-2319

Anne Reeves, Director of Marketing, Shimokochi-Reeves
Antoinette Byron, Public Speaking Coach

What past students have said:
"This workshop was an eye opener. Great content, delivery and instruction.
A must take class." – Jeff Leon, General Motors Advanced Design

"As a frequent speaker in public situations, I thought I knew how to do it. A great
tune-up for even seasoned presenters. I highly recommend." – Wayne Hunt, Principal, Hunt Design

"Excellent practical tips with real world applications. Look forward to the next time
I have an opportunity to present!" – Kari St. Clair, Director of Production, NBC


- From Anna Berkal, Generalist, Human Resources, Art Center College of Design

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:
·        Assistant Director of Admissions
·        Assistant Director of Financial Aid
·        Coordinator, Career and Professional Development
·        Film Facilities Coordinator
·        Director, Annual Giving
·        Equipment Center Clerk, part-time
·        Executive Director, Advancement Services
·        Human Resources Assistant, part-time
·        Managing Director, Library
·        Research Partnerships Coordinator, part-time
·        Shop Instructor, on-call part-time
·        Director of Graduate Admissions
·        Assistant Director, Prospect Research and Database Management
For more information about these positions, please contact Human Resources or see details online at

Anna Berkel, Generalist, Human Resources
Art Center College of Design
Tel 626.396.2270 | Fax 626.683.0559


That's it for now. Thanks to all for their uplifting contributions.

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Keep creating wonderful art and, as always, stay in touch!



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