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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 5-25-13

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- Our summer term at Art Center College of Design has begun with a small but mighty "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream" class. We are in the second of our         fourteen weeks and the participants are beginning to show work that they LOVED creating. This is in preparation for the rest of the course in which we will help the members discover new ways to leverage their careers and being able to take their careers to a new level. To find out more about the class click on

- Chirstine Caldwell invites us to see her work and the work of other Pasadena artists at the Art + Design Open Market in Pasadena, Sunday, May 26, at One Colorado
- Anne Reeves announces another "Powerful Presentations" workshop on Wednesday, May 29 (and a second level workshop June 19)at the Art Center College of Design, South Campus
- Ulrike Kerber updates us on the offerings through Vivadesign which include a clowns workshop (last weekend and one is coming up soon) for kids, an invitation to an Ethiopian dinner     Thursday, June 3, and creative workshops in Germany, Japan, and other locations in the U.S
- Paulo Roberto, our Portuguese Photographer friend, lets us know about the launch of his new book comprised of articles from "DP Arte Fotografica" magazine
- Nathan See invites you take a look at the latest issue of his online publication, "Bok-eh- The Art and Life of Photography"... 


- The summer session of "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream," taught by Tony Luna, commenced Tuesday May 14 and will run through to August 13.
You may call Tony Luna at 818-842-5490 to find out more about this illuminating and inspiring class.


- From Christine Caldwell- Fine Art Photographer-

"Hello All,

The G2 exhibition was a wonderful success, thanks to all who attended.

Exciting news:  I will be part of the Art + Design Open Market in Pasadena. This is a ONE day event showcasing art & talent from two of Pasadena's leading institutions: Pasadena City College and Art Center College of Design. Exhibiting Artists are composed of Students, Staff, Faculty & Alumni.

If you haven't heard the news, I left Translight Photography Center, now Contact, back in September.  I now work at Art Center's Photography Lab."

Art + Design Open Market
Sunday May 26, 2013

10am - 5pm

One Colorado is one city block bounded by Fair Oaks, Colorado Boulevard,
DeLacey and Union Street in Old Town Pasadena.

Map & Directions:


- From Anne Reeves- Presentation Coach and Director of Marketing, Simokochi-Reeves

A reminder about our workshop on May 29, please help us spread the word. And consider taking our Level 2 workshop - Practice & Coaching on June 19.

Whether you're selling a product, pitching an idea or delivering a report,you have to get your message across – it needs to impact your audience in a way that's both powerful and memorable. If you want to persuade your audience, move them, stir them and inspire them to action, it's not just what you say but how you say it that matters.

Wed May 29 2013, 7-10pm
Powerful Presentations 
•  #ACN-589W  •  $135

Art Center at Night • Art Center College of Design • South Campus
950 South Raymond Ave • Pasadena • CA 91105

To Register:
Select "Register" > "Register Now" > Search for (Key Word): "Powerful Presentations"
or call: 626-396-2319

Anne Reeves, Director of Marketing, Shimokochi-Reeves
Antoinette Byron, Public Speaking Coach

What Huffington Post said about this class
"Three hour interactive, fun and informative class. Participants leave with practical skills for making successful talks in the real world."
– Jay Weston, Huffington Post (read article)

What past students have said
"As a frequent speaker in public situations, I thought I knew how to do it. A great tune-up for even seasoned presenters. I highly recommend." – Wayne Hunt, Principal, Hunt Design

"Excellent practical tips with real world applications. Look forward to the next time I have an opportunity to present!" – Kari St. Clair, Director of Production, NBC


From Ulrike Kerber, Creative Director/Designer- "Dear Tony, I am so grateful to be working with some cool companies on their graphics and animations!  Without them all other Viva activities would not happen ... and there is a lot going on!

Last week we offered a clowns-workshop at Viva was so much fun! Professional Clown JamJam from France showed us how to connect with our inner Clown and how to be funny without trying too hard. The most important thing I learned is to connect and check-in with the audience frequently. As simple as it sounds, it is easy to get lost in my own world and disconnect.  In the connection with the audience is where the fun can be found and improvisation can happen. JamJam offers another workshop this weekend, more info see below.

I want to invite you to an Ethiopian dinner. My wonderful friend Saba Tewolde will be cooking and telling more about her Ethiopian Charity Please come on Thursday, June 6th.

I offer creative workshops in Germany (May 29-31) and Japan (September 16-18) as well as in the US.  In these workshops we create visuals/animations to boost creativity and bring soul back to the workplace.
Yep. Carpe Diem.

love, create, inspire"

Ulrike Kerber
Creative Director/Designer

Mission: Vivakids is part of Viva Design studios, a lab and think tank where designers, artists and kids work together in multiple ways to express creativity.  We stimulate divergent thinking by using one topic at a time (for example the Alphabet) and generate many different ideas about the topic.
Kids learn the use of stop-motion animation as creative tool and an excellent exercise in persistence and staying in the moment.   
Vivakids' DVDs and ipad apps are must-have learning tools for your thriving child today


- From Paulo Roberto, Photographer, and Instructor of Photography in Portugal- "Hi my dear friend: …I'm launching my new book - a set of articles I wrote to the DP Arte Fotografica magazine…"

Session of launch of the book
"Paul Roberto - chronicles in the magazine DP - Photographic Art"


- From Nathan See, Photographer, Publisher- Check out the latest issue of "Bok-eh- The Art and Life of Photography," an online magazine for the iPad.

You can blast this offer code to your people: bokehfriends
Use the following link to use the code.
Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine: Professional skills guide, tips, techniques and tutorials to learn how to create better images for beginners to intermediate photographers in business.
By Wabi Sabi Group

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


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