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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 11-23-12

- Editorial Note: Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year because it gives us a chance to pause and take stock of our blessings and openly give notice of those gifts. Among other things I am extremely thankful for the wonderful people who have become a part of our creative community and who not only have advanced their careers but who have given back and helped others. Today we highlight two Friends of Tony Luna Creative, Veronica Cotter, in San Pedro, California, and Harvery Chua in Manila, the Philippines, with the hope that their generous work will inspire you, and others, to enhance your careers through volunteerism and mentorship.


- The fall term at Art Center at Night is nearing quickly coming to an end and the "Crafting a Meaningful Career" Part One, and Part Three are reaching a crescendo. To find out more about taking the next set of classes starting in January 2013 contact ACN at 626-396-2319, or at You may also call Tony Luna at 818-842-5490. If you are eager to take your career to the next level, or if you know of someone who could benefit from such a class get in touch now and sign up as soon as possible. Remember the quote commonly attributed to George Elliot, "It's never too late to be the person you might have been."


Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- Anne Reeves sent us a delightful Happy Thanksgiving graphic to share with our family of creatives…
- Veronica Cotter kept us up to date by emailing a photo of "her girls" who she is coaching in the art of long distance running in preparation for a "Just Say No to Drugs" 5K race coming up in December. Good work Veronica!...
- Harvey Chua forwarded some incredible and wonderful photos shot by visually impaired children as part of the work she and her husband, John, and she are doing in their non-profit, "Photography with a Difference, that works with special children and persons with disabilities" in Manila in the Philippines. Keep in mind that the photos (portraits, still-life, and outdoors shots) were taken by five totally blind children after they were given instructions by a generous group of professional photographers who donate their time and talents to help challenged children. It is truly humanitarian work with remarkable results!…


- From Anne Reeves- Co-founder of Shimokochi-Reeves, Branding and Graphic Arts-
A wonderful Happy Thanksgiving graphic for all to enjoy!…


- From Veronica Cotter- Photographer, Long Distance Runner- "…I told you about 'my girls.'  Attached is a pic of a portion of the group.  It's difficult to get all of them together at the same time.  We had our BIG practice yesterday afternoon.  Most of the girls ran almost the entire 5k distance of their upcoming Just Say No To Drugs race 12/2.  They have enough energy & enthusiasm to take them to the finish line.  I just hope I can keep up.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all!



- From Harvey Chua- Photography Instructor, Co-owner of Adphoto, Inc. in Manila- "Hi Tony, Here are some photos by, and of, the visually-impaired children who participated in the program.

We had a fascinating, even exhilarating, weekend teaching photography to five visually-impaired (totally blind) kids, four boys and a girl between the ages of 10 to 14. The first day was spent in our studio, where they were paired with a photographer-mentor. Canon lent us five point-and-shoot cameras. The mentors taught them how to hold, turn on and off and operate the camera at "P" by listening to how many clicks before they reach that setting. The kids were taught how to "half-press," change batteries and memory cards.

On the first day, they were assigned to do portraits of their parents and of themselves. Then they worked on still life - fruits, flowers and stuffed toys. One of the kids - when he was doing the flowers, insisted on taking photos at a lower angle, and when we asked why, he explained that his teacher might ask for photos of a stem, and he wanted to be ready. The photographer-mentors laughed and said, he was advanced and "professional" as he was already doing stock photography.

The second day was spent at the zoo, so they could try shooting outdoors. They touched the elephant (that John takes care of), snakes, crocodiles, pig, turtles etc. They also went on boat rides and aimed their cameras at ducks in the water.

Like I said, it was a fantastic weekend for us.

Canon lent the cameras to the kids, and they continue to do photography projects - taking photos of pets, plants, parts of the body, etc. We will meet them again after two weeks, and again after four weeks. Then we will have an exhibit at one of the malls.

This is all for now.

Best regards,
Harvey Chua third from the left with a group of inspiring photographers.

John Chua third from right.

John Chua and his elephant at the zoo.


Great, inspiring examples of creative involvement. Just the right subject matter for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Keep up the important work.

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Keep creating wonderful art and, as always, stay in touch!



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