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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 9-5-12

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- The fall term at Art Center at Night begins next week, September 10, and you can still register for all of their class including "Crafting a Meaningful Career" Parts One, Two and Three. Contact ACN at 626-396-2319, or at And you may also call Tony Luna at 818-842-5490. If you are eager to take your career to the next level, or if you know of someone who could benefit from such a class get in touch now and sign up before it is too late.

Remember the quote commonly attributed to George Elliot, "It's never too late to be the person you might have been."


Synopsis of what is new in this Update:
- Tony di Zinno urges us to step up and donate to a group photo exhibit which prominently features his photography in Afghanistan in support of the Mountain to Mountain non-profit. The Kickstarter deadline is September 15 and they are almost half way to their goal to make this extraordinary and important exhibit a reality…
- Soren Petersen informs us that he just began a research assignment for two months in Stuttgart at the Fraunhofer Institute. Good work Soren!…
- Sharon Cavanagh has landed a teaching position with the New York Film Academy. Congratulations Sharon!…
- Blue Earth invites amateur and professional photographers to engage the power of photographic storytelling by entering their Fall 2012 Blue Earth Photo Contest
- And Anna Berkal lets us know that the Human Resources Department at Art Center is currently recruiting for twelve positions at the school...

Here's the full story behind each entry:


- From Tony di Zinno, Sport, Adventure Photographer, and Humanitarian, “MR. Luna! I am going back to Afghanistan this fall. This time it is a sort of triumphant homecoming in that the non-profit I support - Mountain to Mountain - is coming full circle with the group photo exhibit that my work is so much a part of. …It would literally be the first public exhibition of photography in Kabul of both Afghan and Western Photographers together in the post-Taliban era.
This is the most significant work of my life."

"Helpful points in deciding to kick-in:
* It's unprecedented
* It's our cup of tea visually
* It's at the crossroads of history
* People benefit directly as a result
* We are assured network TV coverage"

There are only ten days left to reach their fundraising goal and they are half way there. Help put them over the top by going to the link for the fundraiser at:


libero di zinno
310 435 7435 c.


- From Soren Petersen, Engineer, Automotive Designer, Design Researcher, PhD- "Hi Tony, I am sorry I missed the (Schmooze)fest; sounds like you had a great time. I just started a two months visiting researcher assignment at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. We are working on design and business model creation. Hope to make it to the graduation show as well as your next fest and share design research news.

Have a good weekend,


- From Sharon Cavanagh, Photographer, Educator, Documentarian- "Hi Tony, Thought I would update you on how the presentation went this week. I emailed the head of the photo department at the New York Film Academy and asked her more direct questions about the mock class. She replied with detailed answers thank goodness and the presentation ended up going very well. They made a formal offer to me regarding the position to teach a 16 week course to begin with. There are two other classes they have in mind for me already so I'm thrilled. I went to the graduate's gallery show tonight in downtown LA and met some of the teachers again. I also got to meet the head of the photo department in New York as well. That was good… 

Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Hope to speak with you soon.


Sharon Cavanagh
213 400 5191
Los Angeles, CA USA


- Blue Earth- Fall 2012 Blue Earth Photo Contest-
Blue Earth invites amateur and professional photographers to engage the power of photographic storytelling in our Fall 2012 Blue Earth Photo Contest.

Our work at Blue Earth is based on the belief that a dramatic image can change our perception and alter our understanding of a subject. This idea defines our mission to raise awareness about endangered cultures, threatened environments, and critical social concerns through photography. Blue Earth helps photographers educate the public and motivate society to make positive change - we invite contest entries that exemplify our mission and the power of photographic storytelling.

Entries will be judged by a panel of jurors, professionals in the photographic field, on the criteria of quality, creativity, and visual narrative. The 1st place winner will receive $500, gear donated by Think Tank Photo, and inclusion in the permanent Blue Earth Honors gallery. Winning photos will also be exhibited at the TCC Photo | Gallery.

The entry period opens August 15, 2012 and closes at midnight Pacific Time on November 1, 2012. The entry fee is $25 for one photo, $5 per additional photo. Proceeds from this contest benefit Blue Earth's mission and help support our sponsored documentary projects.

Here's how you can help us spread the word:
Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet the contest.
Like the contest page on Facebook.
Forward this e-mail to friends, directly or by using the link below.


- Anna Berkel, Generalist, Human Resources, Art Center College of Design

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:
·        Career Counselor
·        Coordinator, Career Development
·        Photo Lab Technician
·        Director of Faculty Development
·        Shop Instructor, part-time/on-call
·        Graduate Student Internship—Illustration Department, part-time
·        Health Promotions Intern, part-time
·        Director of Graduate Admissions
·        Assistant Director of Admissions Operations
·        Development Coordinator (to AVP)
·        Educational Technology System Specialist
·        Executive Director, Corporate Relations
·        Director of Prospect Management and Research
·        Director of Development

For more information about these positions, please contact Human Resources or see details online at

Anna Berkel
Generalist, Human Resources
Art Center College of Design
Tel 626.396.2270 | Fax 626.683.0559


Glad to see all the creative energy out there and that people are reaching for meaning in their careers.

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Keep creating wonderful art and, as always, stay in touch!



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