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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tony Luna Creative-Update-8-10-12


- Our next "SchmoozeFest" networking and presentation event will be held Thursday, August 16, from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Art Center South Campus. Start putting together any materials on your new career involvement that you wish to present to your fellow SchmoozeFesters and join us for an evening of inspiration and sharing!

- Registration for new classes for the fall term at Art Center at Night will begin August 13. That includes registering for "Crafting a Meaningful Career" Parts One, Two and Three. Contact ACN at 626-396-2319, or at And you may also call Tony Luna at 818-842-5490.

- "Experience ACN"- From Dana Walker, Managing Director, Public Programs, Art Center at Night- "Hi all, 'Experience ACN' is just around the corner. These informal classroom visits will take place the last week of classes on August 13, 14, + 15 from 7-9 pm at South Campus."

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- Barbara Bordnick still has room for participants in her unique flower photography workshop at her Manhattan studio, August 18 and 19
- Tamar Levine continues to explode with talent and her "Marilyn" series will be part of a show in the Dirty Lights Photography Exhibition, Swinghouse Studios, Hollywood, September 8...
- Shannon Cottrell informs us of a position for a Professional Photographer for the City of Los Angeles Harbor Department
- Bob Mehnert gives us a heads-up that his latest book, "Shadows of the Past," is now available on Kindle
- John Anderson tells us that the Silvershotz Magazine, International Journal of Fine Art Photography, issue in which his work was to be featured has been cancelled due to the publication having financial problems and a request has gone out to raise funds through crowdsourcing to keep the magazine alive…
- Soren Petersen invites us to participate in the study his group is conducting on research in “Design and Business Model Creation, “Art Thinking & Design Thinking” and “How to Integrate Marketing and Design.”
- Erv Nichols sends in some refreshing images of nature and delivers an appreciation for what really matters. There will be more from Erv in the future. Thanks Erv and Sandra…


Here are the full entries:

- From Barbara Bordnick, Legendary fashion, portrait, nude and floral Photographer-
There is space still available for Barbara Bordnick's Flower Photography Workshop in her New York City studio on August 18 and 19. For more information and to make your reservation for this amazing opportunity send an email to


- From Tamar Levine, Fashion Photographer- "Hey friends! I am going to be in this show on September 8th. I will be showing my 'Marilyn' Series.
There will be a ton of AMAZING photographers, and it is for a great cause. Please join me! See attached for the flyer. You can also find more info on the Facebook Page:

(213) 915-8261


- From Shannon Cottrel, Photographer- "Hi Tony, Not sure if you know any photographers who do landscapes and/or aerial photography but I came across this this job and it sounds pretty cool. The City of LA is looking for freelance photographers to shoot the Port of Los Angeles. Thought I would forward to you because you know the most people :)

Hope you are doing wonderful!!


Shannon Cottrell"

"Professional Photographer" was posted on 07/30/2012.
ID:    14245
Title:    Professional Photographer
Close Date:    08/22/2012
Description:    The City of Los Angeles Harbor Department invites the submittal of proposals to obtain the as-needed services of a professional photographer.
Department:    Harbor Department                                                                



- From Bob Mehnert, Author, Cinematographer, Adjunct Professor at the Art Center College of Design- "Hey folks. 'Shadows of the Past,' the third book in the 'Time and Again Trilogy' is available on Kindle. The best way to find it is enter Robert Mehnert on the Kindle e-book page at
Take a look. I hope you like it."
Bob Mehnert


- From John Anderson, Retired Lutheran Minister and Photography Fine Artist- "Tony: it now seems the Silvershotz issue I'm in won't get to the news stands. It's so frustrating to be this close to getting a major journal article and cover and have it run into the kind of trouble it's having financially. Looks like the internet is killing off all the major high end journals. Here's the information I received from the editor:

- From the editor of Silvershotz: 'Hi John. Firstly my apologies to all of you who have been waiting so patiently for your Edition 3. I need to explain the big picture first. Silvershotz has managed to stay afloat since the 2008 GFC crisis, unlike some iconic newspapers and magazines around the world who collapsed in a short time frame. We did this because we have never relied on advertising as a revenue stream. Our two income streams are bookstores and subscriptions. In the last 12 months a staggering 850 of the 1400 stores we sold through in 17 countries have closed, the biggest of course was Borders. On July 1st our accountants advised that we were spending $3.00 for every $1.00 of income. Unsustainable. So as of July 1st you will no longer find Silvershotz in any bookstore.
Our only income stream is now you!!… The business rescue plan is simple. We are listed on a crowdfunding site and all we need is for all our subscribers and supporters to donate $20.00,€20.00 or £20.00...It's only a small amount of money, but if everyone helps we can do two things. Number 1, all of you with iphones and ipads will be able to download a FREE copy of the 2008,2009,2010,2011 and 2012 Folio. Number 2, all current subscribers will receive Edition 3/4/5 and 6 PLUS the 2012 Folio as a gift for supporting us. Edition 3 has been sitting at the printers for 7 weeks waiting for release and Edition 4 is nearly ready and the 2012 Folio has received the most submissions ever in its 5 year history. The fate of this iconic journal is in your hands. Please help and spread the word…'

Tony: This is the e mail address for contacting the editor of SILVERSHOTZ re: information on donations, if anyone wants to contact them directly. Hope this helps with anyone who might want to donate. I understand they are past halfway to their goal: Thanks again for all your support. John

Best wishes,"


John G. Anderson


- From Soren Ingomar Petersen, Engineer, Automotive Designer, Design Researcher PhD- "Greetings from South Pasadena – design research update
Dear Friends and colleagues, Hope this email finds you all well. During this past year, our design research team has been uncovering what works and what doesn’t when crowdsourcing incremental and breakthrough challenges.
Using social networking and new social media, we have executed 26 design research projects and our findings have been shared in 5 scientific papers and at international conferences, together with 53 articles in The Huffington Post. Highlights are:
“Design and the U.S. Economy,” presentation and panel discussion at the National Science Foundation CMMI Conference, July in Boston. For insights see:
Design Insights from User Research and Crowdsourcing, Design Management Institute Review, August 2012. Let me know if you would like a copy of the article.

Please let me know if you would be interested in collaborating with us. By applying our knowledge and experience with co-creation, co-design and crowdsourcing, we continue to conduct research in “Design and Business Model Creation, “Art Thinking & Design Thinking” and “How to Integrate Marketing and Design.”

Have a good summer,


Soren Ingomar Petersen, PhD.
ingomar & ingomar - consulting
Los Angeles, Copenhagen
Office: +1 626 441 4862
Cell:    +1 626 497 2648


- From Erv Nichols, Photographer, Writer/Lecturer, Naturalist- "Ten minutes of rain produces these ephemeral waterfalls in our little, but grand canyon."

Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll

Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965):
Until mankind can extend the circle of his compassion to include all living things, he will never, himself, know peace.


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