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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tony Luna Creative-Update- 5-25-12

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:

- The new term has begun at Art Center at Night and, even though we have typically small summer enrollments, both Parts One and Two have some hugely talented participants. Thanks to all who helped to spread the word about our important classes.

- John Anderson gives us a glimpse of the Silvershotz Magazine, International Journal of Contemporary Photography, cover and article on his work in the upcoming June issue...
- Amy Fierstein is looking for a photographer in the Bakersfield area to do some pro bono work for Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals
- Harvey Chua writes to let us know about the classes she is teaching at the College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, in Manila...
- Mark Alberhasky brings us up to date on his exciting photo treks and upcoming photo safari offerings including a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kenya in September, 2013
- Ezekiel Wheeler keeps us informed on the wide range of automotive culture events which he posts on his blog, Automotive Styles. There is something for everyone who appreciates appreciates cars from every aspect…
- Suzanne Weinstock sent in a thoughtful reflection after completing Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One, and Part Two… 


Here are the full entries:


- From John Anderson, Retired Lutheran Minister and Photography Fine Artist- "Tony: Here's a copy of the PDF of the cover shot for SILVERSHOTZ. I have permission to use for promotion, so please feel free to post. The PDF for the article is too big to email, but it will be hitting new stands sometime between now and first of June. -John"

John G. Anderson


- From Amy Fierstein, Communications & Marketing Manager at Chrysalis- "Hi, Tony!…I'm writing to you in hopes that you could help me with something.  This might be a long-shot.  I'm looking for a photographer who lives in Bakersfield (or very near) and would be willing to take a couple of pro bono shots of an individual who went thru the Chrysalis program in L.A., turned his life around, got his truck driving license, and then a truck-driving job in Bakersfield (where he is originally from).  He moved back there and is doing great and loves his job.  I'd love to get some shots of him on the job, for use in a future communications piece along with his story.
Thank you!


- From Harvey Chua, Part time Faculty Member at College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, and General Manager at Adphoto, Inc.- "Thanks, Tony, for sending your updates. I'm rewriting the course outline of Business of Photography classes at the College of Saint Benilde. I now teach it to two groups - to students of the three-year AB Photography and to students of a shorter one-year diploma course. The school has also asked me to design really short courses for their continuing education program. We continue to draw information and inspiration from your "Life cycle of a Freelance Photography Job," series of articles although I find that the cycle is practically the same for non-freelancers. I just tweak it a bit for those specializing in other genres of photography. We do a lot of role playing in class, and my students have tons of fun.

Best regards,


- From Mark Alberhasky, Medical Pathologist and Travel Photographer- "It's been awhile since I popped up in your email announcing a new blog post. It's not that I haven't added posts, it's that I'm spacing out email announcements. We all get such a ton of emails these days... I thought today I'd say hello and invite you back to see some of the things I've been up to recently. Today's piece revolves around photographing people during the trip to Israel from which I just returned.

While I've got your ear I should also mention next year's photo safari to Kenya. Though Sept 2013 seems a long way off, there's no better time than now to plant the seed for that once-in-a-lifetime photo trip. Despite just a bit of word of mouth marketing the trip is about half full, so if African wildlife is on your "must do" list this is an opportunity for a fantastic adventure. Drop me a note if you have any questions or download the brochure here:

I hope to see some of you on my upcoming Mentor Series trek in Maryland next month. It's a great domestic location and should be wonderful. Check it out.

My best,

Mark Alberhasky Photography
535 Redding View Ct
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA



- From Ezekiel Wheeler, Automotive Culture Consultant- "Seal Beach is one of Southern California's small hidden gem beach town. Equipped with a Main St. line with restaurants, gift shops and the local mom and pop establishment; Seal Beach gives the urbanites of Los Angeles and Orange County the opportunity to see small succeed. But it's when a small town goes big that everyone needs to take notice.

We were invited by Sun Newspaper Publisher Vince Bodiford to come and enjoy an entire day at the beach and amongst some beautiful classic cars. Without hesitation, we drove up, right after Cars and Coffee in Irvine. We literally had no idea what we were in for. Of course the typical small town hot rod shows entered our minds. Doo-Wop playing in the distance, cars themed out to remind us all of the "simple days", and even a few pin-up models roaming the grounds. What we didn't expect was the amount of people and types of vehicles that showed up. The unique feature about the Seal Beach Car Show is that it is an Open Class car show. That means all cars are welcome to enter and show. We saw everything from mint Acura NSX, to a 1930's vintage bread truck and even some vintage funny cars all within eye sight.

A HUGE thanks to Vince Bodiford for hosting us during the event. We look forward to next year and making a bigger splash in our collaborative car collection display. Look for Automotive Styles to make their presence known during this show."

For the Seal Beach car show article to to

For Zeke's current blog entry go to


- From Suzanne Weinstock, Graphic Artist- "Your two classes taught me so much about what I wanted and needed out of a career. In Part Two you had a section that asked to describe your perfect day now and in five years, ten years and on…  Tony, thank you for everything! ...You really got me through a turning point in my life!!!"


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