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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 7-17-11

- From Marcia Loots-Serna, Creative Director
"Hi everyone- Remember those special moments of this weekend with a promo keepsake of 'Carmageddon' at
Hope all is well with you. Please pass on."

Marcia Loots-Serna
310.456.2410 studio
310.383.2713 c



Aurelia d'Amore and Izabela Berengut at the "2 Vie" Benefit Auction

Vee Vitanza with Paula and Tony Luna at "2 Vie" (Photo shot by Andrea Gomez)

- From Izabela and Vee Vitanza-"2-Vie" was a great success!

"Tony, Thank you so much for joining us at 2Vie Auction! Seeing you and your wife Paula at the event was a real treat! We GREATLY appreciate all your love and support and your presence at the auction, truly meant a lot! Thank you!!!! :)

...The auction was a great success, full of beautiful art, fantastic services, great people and wonderful energy! Thank you very much for being part of it! :)

Sending you our sincere thanks, for everything!"

Izabela and Vee


- From Barbara Bordnick, renowned Photographer of Fashion, Portraits, Nudes and Flowers-
Barbara Bordnick, author of the three innovative, best-selling books "Searching: Secret Landscapes of Flowers," is offering a new weekend workshop on photographing flowers in her Manhattan studio, located in the historic Photo/Flat Iron District of Manhattan.

"In the flower genre--which has become a predictable choice--Barbara has invented a new visual experience. Rather than merely being dazzled by their beauty, she has entered into each flower and takes us on a journey of erotic discovery in this new sensual landscape." - Duane Michaels

Ms. Bordnick is a renowned fashion, portrait, nude and floral photographer who has taught workshops all over the world. Due to the popularity of her weekend workshop in flower photography, she has added another: August 6 & 7, 2011. To keep each workshop as intimate and hands-on as possible, only six students per workshop will be admitted. Along with demonstrations of lighting and set-up techniques for shooting flowers in the studio, the workshops begin with a trip to the New York City wholesale flower market to choose flowers. Each student may go home with a gorgeous, archival pigment print of her/his own work.

"It was more than I could have ever imagined--an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for your warm hospitality and your willingness to share some of the Bordnick tricks of the trade." P.M., Sacramento, CA
"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being with you in your studio in New York. I came home inspired and encouraged. I wish we could all come back one weekend a month." D.W., Dallas, TX
"The real challenge was to develop our vision, hear what each flower is saying, and translate that into our photographs." E.S., Cachoeiro, Brazil

Come see why everyone loves these workshops! The cost of each workshop is $950.00 (plus $40.00 optional print fee.) *To hold a reservation email and send a $450.00 deposit before July 15, 2011. Mail deposit payable to Barbara Bordnick at 39 East 19th. Street, New York, NY 10003

Barbara Bordnick
39 East 19th. Street
New York, NY 10003


- From Harvey Chua, Photographer, and Instructor of Photography, Manila, The Philippines-
"Hi Tony, I am teaching two sections (total of 44 students) of Business of Photography.

John and I continue to be involved with our advocacy, 'Photography with a Difference.' Here's one of the more recent events.

Best regards,
(From an article in the Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online web site):

July 11, 2011, 1:05pm

MANILA, Philippines — Imagine living a life where eating any form of protein can cause seizures and neurological damage.

Or imagine living with a kind of neuromuscular disorder that limits facial muscle movements, prevents a smile and restricts the ability to speak. Or perhaps another condition where one wrong step or little physical movement may cause instant bone fracture.

Some people do not have to imagine all these because they do actually live with these conditions, suffering from rare diseases with no known cure. They try hard to live a normal life but their condition prevents them from doing so.

For instance, eight-year-old Gwen Torres suffers from a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or more commonly known as “brittle bone disease”. OI is a congenital disease, and is caused by a defect in the gene that produces type 1 collagen, an important building block of bone.

It weakens the bone making it prone to fractures.

“When she was two years old, Gwen tripped over a raised side of the floor linoleum. She broke her left upper leg and her left upper arm. We were confused because she instantly broke both bones with just a fairly small tumble,” Gwen’s dad Ronnel recalls.

Gwen’s leg and arm were immediately put in a cast. But after they healed, more fractures happened, no matter if Gwen was just sitting or lying down!

Although Gwen has physical limitations, her physical and mental development are normal. She is now in Grade 2 and is trying to live her life as normal as possible.

Gwen and her family were recently part of a group from the Philippine Society of Orphan Disorders (PSOD) who toured Manila Ocean Park and Museo Pambata. The special event, dubbed as “Rare Moments”, is another project of Photography with a Difference (PWD). PWD is led by renowned photographer and advocate John Chua who aims to create public awareness about persons with disabilities (PWDs) through beautiful photographs. This event was made possible by Canon Philippines, Canon A-Team, SM Program for Disability Affairs, Manila Ocean Park, and Museo Pambata.

For the rest of this article click on,

Harvey V. Chua
Adphoto, Inc.
3688 Bautista Street, Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines Tel. 63 2 8316117
Other email address:
For tips and newsbits on the business of photography:


- From Soren Petersen, PhD, Design Management-
"Greeting friends, Trust you are enjoying the wonderful summer. After completing the integration of business and design, our team is now uncovering the supporting philosophy, which is the most important component of business ideas and this week, the Design Management Institute’s newsletter is reporting on our process. See article below:

The discoveries are informed by the design quantification work described in “Profit from Design, - leveraging design in business”, which is now being launched officially on:

Thank you for your support of our research and for the encouraging reviews, two of which are shown below:
Søren Petersen has provided an inspiring new way of looking at design metrics. His new book, Profit from Design, guides one though the undefined front end of the design process and successfully integrates business and design considerations. A must read for those devoted to design excellence or interested in profiting from design.

David Kelley - Founder and chairman of IDEO, professor in mechanical engineering at Stanford University:
'Søren Petersen brings a rich portfolio of design-in-business experience to the issues at hand. Driven by frustration with endless design-concept-politics he entered the Center for Design Research program at Stanford University to "get quantitative." Mission impossible? No, through diligence and insight he has forged a system of metrics that can improve design performance. Try them.'

Professor Larry Leifer - Director, Center for Design Research; Director, Industry Affiliate Program for Teaching Design Thinking


Soren Ingomar Petersen, PhD.


- From Jeffery Burke, Photographer, Artist/Visionary-

As Man's technology morphs with the flora of planet Earth a new strain of engineered life will emerge. Fantastical plants and trees will surround us, feeding billions and providing endless resources to a growing world. Lavish botanical beauty will abound. And, of course, there will be the hybrids...

Witness the visions with wine in hand this Sunday afternoon, July 17, when Jeffrey Burke and chef/owner Onil Chibas present "Mechanical Botanical," an image series from the not-so-distant future.

Mechanical Botanical
at Elements Kitchen
Sunday, July 17 · 3-5 pm

Pasadena Playhouse complex
37 South El Molino Ave, Pasadena CA

Show on display through October 23, 2011.


From Anna Berkal, Generalist, Human Resources, Art Center College of Design:

We are currently recruiting for the following nine positions:

· Director of Faculty Development
· Software Engineer
· Full-time Faculty—Entertainment Design
· Director of Admissions
· Director of Recruitment
· Full-time Faculty/Faculty Director—Graphic Design Program
· Associate Vice President of Development
· Director of Foundation Relations and Government Grants
· Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications

For more information about these positions, please contact Human Resources or see details online at

Anna Berkel
Generalist, Human Resources
Art Center College of Design
Tel 626.396.2270 | Fax 626.683.0559


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