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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tony Luna Creative- Update 5-31-2011

Synopsis of what is new in this Update:
- The latest from Izabela Berengut-Vitanza on her husband, Vee's rehabilitation after his brain surgery, and information on an upcoming Benefit Silent Art Auction to raise funds for his recuperation…
- News about the "Crafting a Meaningful Career" classes
- Notice concerning the recent flamenco guitar performance by Photogrpaher Jurgen Reisch
- A link to Adventure Photographer Justin Bastien's blog and news of his current trip to Tahiti and the Cook Islands…
- An invitation to Photographer and Community Activist Brian Biery's lecture, "The Power of One"...


- From Izabela Berengut-Vitanza

First, I wanted to say thank you for the incredible love and support that you’ve sent our way during Vee’s surgery – we couldn’t have pulled through this challenging time without you….

After a very successful brain surgery and promising post-operative recuperation, Vee is on a slow road to recovery, as there has been some recent set backs that slowed down the process. It will take little longer before he is able to go back to work, so to help cover his post surgery medical bills and other daily expenses, we are calling on all that would like to participate in a "Benefit Silent Art Auction : 2VIE"


We are in process of gathering Art or Services donations to be auctioned off, on the silent auction during one day benefit event.

Here is the fun part:
The event of Live Silent Auction is taking place at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland - Art Studio | Shop | Gallery in Eagle Rock, on Saturday, July 9th at 6PM - during NELA Art Walk!

To maximize donor’s exposure, all participating artists and/or businesses will be featured in our new blog – VArtMuse -"2VIE – Art Auction Benefit & Exhibit", as well as photos of art will be posted for preview-display on the event’s Facebook page with an artist bio or short description of your business.

So, if you're interested in donating an art piece, business service or volunteer your time during the event, on July 9th, please let us know. You can contact me or Aurelia D'Amore via facebook or email us at:

Also, if participating, please email us few lines about you and a picture of your art with art dimensions, or a logo of your business.

Deadline to submit your art work* ::: JUNE 21st, 2011:::

(However, the sooner you submit your work, the longer will be on our “online display” for pre-auction preview)
*If possible, please submit art in display ready condition
The event will be grand, with wine, raffle, vegan truffles, 2 food trucks parked in front of the gallery and with your participation, the gallery wall will be filled with art given from heart.

We hope to see you at 2-V benefit event, and celebrate life, its endurance and friendships that help us go through it all!

So... please mark the date on your calendar, invite family and friends to attend and we'll see you there!



- From Tony Luna, Creative Consultant-

Unfortunately I did not get enough interest this summer term to justify running our Tuesday evening class, "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One- Discovering the Dream." However there is a wonderful group of participants enrolled in the Thursday evening class, "Crafting a Meaningful Career- Part Two- Forming the Dream" and I am very excited to work with this talented group of professionals.

I would like your feedback with suggestions on how I can make the Part One class more accessible, such as possibly making it a two-part class (seven weeks each) which would make it more flexible for people who would want to take it in the summer but still want to have time for a vacation. Also I am open to suggestions to conduct weekend workshops (such as one put forward by Diana Mulvihill on Self-Promotion and Marketing for Creative Professionals). Let me know what you think by emailing me at, or phoning me at 818-842-5490,
And thanks for your inspiration to create useful and timely classes and workshops!


- From Photographer and Musician Jurgen Reisch- (Editor's note: Above is a photo of one of Jurgen's performances) "Hi Tony, I performed at the Ely Broad Theatre for 2000 people last much fun, olé
see you… Jurgen"


- From Justin Bastien, Adventure Photographer and World Traveler-

"Hey Guys, I wanted to share a blog post with all of you from the trip so far. I am in the Cook Islands at the moment shooting and editing the rest of the shoot.

Justin Bastien Photography
PO Box 1029
Ventura, CA 93002


From Brian Biery- Photographer and Community Activist- "Hey Tony, Not sure if I sent you this flyer, but please come to the book talk on June 6. I am actually kind of living what we discussed in your class. Although not making a living from it. Thanks for your guidance!
…(and in a follow-up email) ...Thanks for adding this info to your blog! I also wanted you to know that your class helped me to move forward with these types of exhibits of which I have had many the past year and a half since the class…

Hope you are doing well!


"Power of One"
Proof that we can all make a difference
Presented by Brian Biery

June 6, 2011
7:00 P.M.
Altadena Library Community Room
600 East Mariposa Street
Altadena, CA 91001


That's it for now.

Keep sending in your informative and motivating emails. I may have to edit them in the interest of space but I will do my best to keep their integrity. Emails and notices are usually posted in the order they are received. Tony Luna Creative-Updates are produced approximately twice a month so please provide enough lead time when submitting emails so they can be posted in a timely fashion.

Keep creating wonderful art and, as always, stay in touch!



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