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- John Wooden

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tony Luna Creative- Update- 08-04-10

Dear Friends:

I just fixed the inactive links to web sites and blogs and all should be working now. My apologies. So while I am at it I am including two new entries to the TLC-Update- 08-04-10 blog to keep you up to date.

And don't forget the upcoming SchmoozeFest on August 26!

Enjoy the news from our talented friends!


- Jeff Burke, Fine Art Photographer- "Dear Tony, If you plan to visit sunny Santa Barbara anytime in the month of August please stop by Gallery 27 to see my only solo show in Southern California this year, the U.S. debut of "Beautiful Again - Perpetuating the Myth of Paradise." There are 27 pieces in this solo exhibition, including the first public showing of my largest work yet, "A Beautiful Day At The Beach," which measures in at 107 x 40" (268 x 100cm). There will be exhibition catalogs in softcover and limited edition hardcover available too…

Would you like info on the work? We will be sending out show previews before the opening that include information and pricing on each of the works. Send a request to Finally, check the studio blog regularly to find out what's going on in the lives of your friendly artists J.T. and Angela. Become a follower so that you'll catch every post.

Thanks for following my work.

Yours sincerely,

J.T. Burke"

August 5 - 28, 2010
Brooks Institute Gallery 27
27 E. Cota Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


- Bob Mehnert, Director of Photography and Author- "Hi all, At long last my first book, DEFIANCE, is available on Kindle Books. Less expensive than a grande latte, but more fun and longer lasting. DEFIANCE is the world’s most unusual spacecraft and it is involved in the world’s must unusual alien encounter. If you have a Kindle, give it a try and even write a review.
Thanks for thinking about this.


Hello Everyone:

There's a lot to report this time around so let's get right to it.

Save the date for
our Summer SchmoozeFest! It will be Thursday, August 26 from 6:30 to 9:30 P.M. at Art Center's South Campus, 950 South Raymond Street in Pasadena. Thanks to Faviola Nunez del Arco of Public Programs for setting us up with Room #232 for the evening. Remember to bring your new artwork, ideas, projects, etc. to present to the group, and the presentations will be followed by a networking session. Everyone is invited, especially anyone who wants to know more about our classes and workshops.

Registration for the Fall term begins August 16, and classes begin September 13, so make sure you sign up for "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part One-Discovering the Dream," or "Crafting a Meaningful Career-Part Two-Forming the Dream" to take your career to the next level. You can contact Art Center at Night or you may go to their web site at And you can always call me about the courses at 818-842-5490.

I want to give special thanks to the magnificent artists (all of whom are alumns of our classes) who allowed me to show examples of their work as part of my ICON6 Illustrator's Conference presentation: David Ensley, Ann Monn, Angel Morales, Shiho Nakaza, Robin Neudorfer, Dan Poirer, Jillian Suzanne, and Mary Winterfield. It was an honor to share your inspiring work.


-Hacob Khodaverdian, Photographer- congratulations to Hacob who climbed to the top of Mount Ararat on Saturday, July 17! We know that this was a lifelong dream and we are proud of you Hacob!


- A
ndrea Bricco, Photographer- sent in this email about her bike ride to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The deadline to send money is August 5 so please help if you can.

It's only 4 weeks away (till) my century ride that's taking place in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.
The training has been getting much harder. Sometimes I'm going so slow up the hills that I feel like I might just fall over sideways because I'm just not moving fast enough. Sometimes I think "The end of this horrible hill has to be coming up soon" and I still might have 2 miles uphill to go. I just keep going, keep pedaling and keep moving. As soon as the road evens out I immediately shift into a higher gear and I'm off… I still don't love the hills that my Coach Dave calls my friends but at least I get it now. It all makes sense. The downhills are so much fun because I've earned them. Just yesterday we did another 70 miles, next week 80. So that's how the training is going. I also just found out that my mom will be flying in from Wisconsin to watch me ride on August 21st. I feel so lucky that she'll be here to cheer me on and take photos of me climbing up those hills and to watch me cross the finish line.

Now on to fundraising
. I could really use your support in this area. My goal is to raise $2150 and I have about $600 to go. The deadline to raise funds is August 5th so if you can spare a few bucks please help me reach my goal now.
Please remember that every dollar will help me reach my goal and will help make a difference for them and in so many other peoples lives. The next time you hear from me will be to tell you how the ride went and to let you know how much money I was able to raise. Wish me luck and no flat tires on the ride. Thank you again for all of your support. Andrea Andrea Bricco 818-281-8621
Please help me support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


-Christine Caldwell, Fine Art Photographer- emailed to say, "Hi, I have a solo exhibition starting next week, hope you can make the Opening Reception on Aug. 6th. All the info is below. Best Wishes, Christine" Nature LA: Christine Caldwell July 20, 2010 – August 15, 2010 Opening Reception Friday, August 6, 2010, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm The G2 Gallery
 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd
 Venice, CA 90291-3742

About Nature LA Christine Caldwell’s artistic vision of the natural world is succinctly expressed in a series of photogram’s exhibited in Nature LA. The G2 Gallery’s ongoing series of fine art photography expresses themes dealing with our environment and identifies the emerging trends in the cutting edge of a new and visually alluring form of nature photography.

The G2 Gallery Since opening our doors in March 2008, the G2 Gallery has been committed to promoting the ppreciation and conservation of our natural environment through photography and other art forms. G2 presents an illuminating range of exhibits that showcase nature and wildlife photography by artists who inform, inspire and generate greater awareness of the environmental issues we face. As an Eco-Conscience Gallery, we believe in products and services that aid the environment and we are proud to donate all art proceeds to a variety of environmental charities.


- Tom Kelley, Photographer- sent in this update on the around-the-world adventures of his wife, Photographer and Filmmaker, Gail Mooney, and daughter, Erin Kelly, as they document individuals who make a difference. Read and be inspired!

"Friends, If you have some time and would like to catch up with my dynamic duo, you might want to read these particular blog entries for an update on Opening Our Eyes. All the bold titles are direct links to the posts.

Gail and Erin are headed home on an extremely long travel day Tuesday 8/2. They will rest and recoup next week before heading out again Saturday 8/7 for South America where they will work for the remainder of August.

I apologize if you received multiples of this email!

And so on day 50 of our 99-day journey around the world, we’ve reached our midway milestone and with that our eyes are wide open. We have been inspired and deflated, energized and depleted, hot and cold, happy and sad, healthy and ill, hungry and satisfied, content to stay and restless to move on. We’ve run the gamut of emotions, climates and cultures. Yet, we carry on and continue because of the people we have met, who are helping others – the heroes and the subjects of our film. These incredibly selfless people are following their passions and helping others to realize their dreams – giving others a chance at life. That in itself has been a powerful thing to witness and one that has changed our lives.

Where No Doctors Go by Erin Kelly

Feels Like Home To Me by Erin Kelly

A Birthday Gift by Gail Mooney

Living in the Now by Gail Mooney

A Personal Reflection by Erin Kelly

I watched a young man cry, as he explained how he didn’t have a home because his mom had chosen prostitution over him. I sat and listened to another person describe the numerous ways he has tried to kill himself, without even blinking an eye.

Thomas A. Kelly
Kelly/Mooney Productions


- Shiho Nakaza, Illustrator, Artist- "Hello Tony, It was good to see you once again at ICON! I think one of the pieces you've shown at the conference is on sale at Gallery Nucleus at their Labor of Line show (, so do feel free to add the info to the SchmoozeFest newsletter. I've been inspired by the conference and am continuing to sketch every day. I'll be going to Portland, Oregon for Urban Sketching Symposium (, so I'm looking forward to do more art there as well. Thanks for staying in touch - I'm sure we'll meet again in the near future!"

Shiho Nakaza

Illustration | Design | Production
Elegant and Evocative Images for Your Story




address | 2118 Wilshire Blvd. #816, Santa Monica, CA 90403


- John Anderson, Photographer and Retired Lutheran Minister- "Tony: Just got my first commercial contract with a prominent local restaurant. I'll be placing three of my conventional pieces... in a seafood restaurant. It does suit their situation better than my abstract… One thing I learned from this is the importance of presentation. In addressing their situation, unlike other artists, I did not simply take work to show them. I went in and analyzed their architecture, ambiance, and customer base and made a proposal directed specifically toward their space. They told me I was the only artist who addressed issues like this as well as the issue of scale. I really think the proposal presentation helped as much as the art in winning the contract. It was also great experience for me. I did it with very little anxiety, and presented myself confidently and briefly. I addressed how I thought the art would benefit the restaurant and speak to their customers. It was a great experience.

I just finished reading Robert Grudin's DESIGN AND TRUTH. It's a marvelous read and has much to say to artists. If you haven't read, you may want to pick it up. I think it would be a real helpful read in helping artists understand the importance of design, not only in their art work, but in how they engage in the business of art. Knowing your take on things I think you would really enjoy it. I've submitted to a portfolio review in Atlanta that will be in October... Local museum curator is coming to see my work this week. Also an interior designer with high end clientele will be coming… Hope all is well with you. Will let you know how things progress. John"

John G. Anderson



- Chuck Chugumlung, Creative Director- "Hi everyone… MY ONLINE STORE IS OPEN! I am selling pins online. And you can visit the store at or simply click on "shop" on my website at I know it's been a while since I've updated everyone of my progress. But so far I've been busy. I've just acquired an account executive… Things are still a struggle getting use to being independent, but I feel prepared as I continue through the learning process of owning a business. As I've been freelancing, people have been noticing I've been invoicing as a corporation and have asked me to start "Pitching" on larger projects as opposed to simply being a contractor for hire. This is great news for me because people are now recognizing the brand as a entity rather than a freelancer. With that said, I've won my FIRST contract with Cause Force. Then my SECOND contract with a toy company called Jakks… I'm sure I can get back to focusing on the market I really enjoy doing work for, green and sustainable companies that need creative force! That's all I have. Thanks for all your support. And I wish all my fellow Lunalites the very best,

Chuck C.
Chuck Chugumlung- Creative Director
mobile: 323 712 2455


- LA MUSE a Writers’ and Artists’ Retreat- sent in this notice:
"Get Inspired.

What? A writers’ & artists’ retreat run by writers with the mission of providing writers, artists, artisans, and scholars with an inspiring escape from their busy schedules, with time and space in which to focus on the work they love.

Where? In the Languedoc region of the South of France, in a tiny village perched in the craggy mountains 25 km north of the walled medieval town of Carcassonne. La Muse is a medieval stone manor house with 6 rooms and 2 cottages.
Who? ALL scholars at ALL stages of their professional development, novelists, painters, visual artists, photographers, artisans, poets, skilled crafters of nonfiction, composers, writers of all ages and nationalities, from Ireland to Japan are invited to apply. People who do serious work, in need of a quiet environment designed to foster and inspire. Some of the many universities already affiliated with La Muse: St. Patrick’s University, Ireland, University of Iowa, University College Dublin, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When? Any season. Whenever you’re ready to do your work. Attendees are encouraged to come for three-week retreat periods. Openings currently available.

Why? Great things happen when you take your work off the back burner and give yourself a block of time for it. In a society that doesn’t give much support or reward to scholarly and artistic work, La Muse does.

La Muse is priced to be affordable – even for grad students.
Cost for a three-week retreat ranges from 700€ to 950€($1000 to $1,290); For a couple, 850€ to 1350€ ($ 1,215 to $1,930).

1, Rue de la Place • 11380 • Labastide Esparbairenque • France / tel: +33 (0)458 263 393 •


- From the U.S. House of Representatives, we received this letter on July 27, 2010

"Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.Con.Res. 275, legislation designating the second week of September as "Arts in Education Week." Authored and introduced by California Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), this resolution is the first Congressional expression of support celebrating all the disciplines comprising arts education. This is a very positive showing of support for arts education and comes at a key time when Congress is making plans to overhaul federal education policy. Take two minutes to send a message of support for arts education to your member of Congress!

The resolution seeks to support the attributes of arts education that are recognized as instrumental to developing a well-rounded education such as creativity, imagination, and cross-cultural understanding. H.Con.Res. 275 also highlights the critical link between those skills and preparing our children for gaining a competitive edge in the global economy. This is an important message for policy makers to acknowledge as they prepare to reauthorize federal education policy. To send a message to your member of Congress in support for arts education, please visit our E-Advocacy Center.

As a House resolution, the bill does not require signature by the President upon its passage. You can read the resolution here.
We salute Rep. Speier and the more than 101 original cosponsors for their support of arts education and for this truly special recognition of the value of culture for our country's students. Americans for the Arts was happy to help provide assistance to Rep. Speier in this endeavor. Help us continue this important work by becoming an official member of the Arts Action Fund. If you are not already a member play your part by joining the Arts Action Fund today--it's free and simple."

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