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"Make each day your masterpiece."
- John Wooden

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy New Blog!

Well, here it is. Finally.
I have been promising a Tony Luna Creative blog for some time and, with the guidance and support of many of you, especially Justin Bastien, we finally have a blog for our creative community!

And that's exactly what I had envisioned:

* a spot (Home Page) where we could all check in from time to time to get updates on our fellow artists/creators and share news of our accomplishments, as well as a virtual location where we could exchange ideas, questions, and find answers;

* a quick reference (Lectures, Classes, Workshops) where anyone can find out about the latest opportunities to attend lectures, classes and workshops conducted by Tony Luna;

* a site (Consultations-Private, Long Distance, and Portfolio Reviews) that an individual could go to in order to find out about private one-on-one consultations, long distance consultations using Skype or iChat, and to learn how to schedule a review of their portfolio by Tony Luna;

* a place (Events) where we could announce events like the upcoming SchmoozeFest (April 29), gallery showings, new publications, or video productions, and where we would post examples of our art, videos, creative expressions, and (Featured Site) web sites (currently showing the enchanting work by photographer Craig Barnes shot in Venice, Italy) and blogs;

* an environment (Opportunities) where we could check to find out about freelance, part time, or full time job opportunities that are occasionally sent in;

* a destination (Testimonials) we could go to in order to be inspired by other creative professionals who have taken charge of their careers;

* a locale (Archives) where anyone would be able to review past articles and notices that caught their attention;

* and a safe harbor where we could tell everyone about the adventures of our new career choices and be inspired by the dedication and hard work of our circle of creative people who embrace change and love a challenge.

So here is how it works. Whenever you have something to share with me and our group of like-minded people just send me an email at and I will post your topic on the blog. It's that easy to stay tuned in and in touch. In essence this is the next logical step in taking the once or twice monthly Tony Luna Creative-Updates and making them accessible any day of the week. You will get more information, quicker and more easily. And since we have been growing our membership (every time I give a lecture or class I ask people if they would like to sign up to get the Tony Luna Creative postings) we now have a national and international reach.

So let me know what is on your mind and if you want to express it through our group. Maybe you'll need a question answered about where to find and meet with a group of artists, or how to meet with people who are as passionate about specific topic as you are, or if anyone knows of a supplier or a referral, anything useful to our core issues, now you can let it be known here.

This is all very exciting to me because it will help us all to stay connected and empowered. And it will help us to keep reaching new heights as we discover what we LOVE to do!


Tony Luna
Creative Consultant

Photo of Tony taken at the ANIF (National Association of Photographers) Fiftieth Anniversary Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, October, 2009


- Spring SchmoozeFest- The next SchmoozeFest will be Thursday, April 29, 7:00 pm, at the Art Center College of Design-South Campus, 950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, Ca. We look forward to all of you creative professionals to bring an example of the work you love creating and then you will have ten minutes to talk about your work before we open the session up to a networking event.


- Parisa Ashrafi, Graphic Artist and Humanitarian, wrote that she has traveled back to Iran. This is the third time she has gone back in the past two years. If you wish you can email her your words of support at I am sure she would appreciate hearing from you.


- Michael Salvatore Tierney, Fine Art Photographer, wrote that he sold a piece at the Kopeiken Gallery auction, and he included a link to, "...some images from my recent
body of work on the online magazine 'Lipsticktracez." You can see his stunning work, titled "Incidence and Reflection" at


- Velvette de Laney, Graphic Designer- Check out Velvette's insightful article, "No Designer is an Island" on Jeni Herberger's blog.
It's a must read!