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"Make each day your masterpiece."
- John Wooden

Friday, January 1, 2010

Featured Site

From time to time we will feature a web site or blog from one of the members of our creative community. The topic often comes up during classes and lectures regarding web site development and then the attendee produces an astonishing site of their own. This link is an opportunity to showcase those efforts. Check in periodically to experience these expressive creations.

We are proud to showcase the wonderful work of Photographer Craig Barnes. Craig's innovations allow us to experience his unique ablities to bring together people and their fantasies. His dazzling use of color, composition and technology create an admixture of haunting imagery. When you click on the link below turn up the volume on your computer, make the screen as big as you can, sit back and be prepared to transcend the mundane.

Craig Barnes Photography/Venice, Italy, Carnival