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Friday, January 1, 2010

Consultations- Services and Fees for Private Consultations, Long Distance Consultations, and Portfolio Reviews

Private Consultations- A one-on-one consultation provides you with the opportunity to privately discuss the dynamics of your career choices, and create a career plan that will help you get the most of your talent.

Typically consultations consist of an initial, free of charge, evaluation meeting to determine your individual creative challenges and assess the amount of time necessary to meet your particular creative needs. A client may need to address only one element of the “Creative Progress” paradigm (for example the Assessment phase leading to the discovery of their passion), or they may need more extensive assistance to design an entirely new career path. One-on-one creative consultation to help you redefine your passion, review your portfolio, create a marketing plan, devise a brand strategy, or other sessions related to creative business issues are $175.00 USD (cash, check, money order or Pay Pal) per one hour session. Should a more lengthy consultation be necessary an agenda with goals will be developed, and a fee will be agreed upon which will be appropriate to the individual needs of the client and scope of work.

Long Distance Consultations- If you would prefer to have a private consultation but do not live the Southern California area distance is not a problem. If you have access to Skype or iChat a private consultation can be arranged to discuss your career reinvention. The first step is to email to set up a phone conversation at 818-842-5490. After an initial no cost discussion about your particular needs, and once a Skype or iChat connection is established, your one-on-one consultations can proceed. Fees for Long Distance Consultations will be determined the same way as Private Consultations with any normal additional telecommunication expenses added to the final cost. This is a great way to stay connected without having to leave your location.

Portfolio Reviews- Consultation for Portfolio Reviews takes two forms. The first is the in-person review and it is structured in time and fees similar to a Private Consultation (as noted above) in which, after the initial consult, you will be required to bring examples of your work and they will be reviewed to help you define your unique target market.

The second option is the Long Distance Portfolio Review and it requires and initial email inquiry, followed by a phone interview, and then the Consultee is required to send examples of their work to Tony Luna Creative (via the Internet using iChat or Skype along with any of the following software options: PDF, Preview, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, Apperture, PhotoMechanic, or either Power Point or Keynote file formats). After the images are received then a phone, Skype or iChat consultation can commence to review the work and give direction and focus to the artist. Fees for Long Distance Portfolio Reviews will be determined on a case by case basis according to the needs of the Consultee and normal connection costs will be added to the final cost.