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Friday, January 1, 2010


This link will connect you with past articles, observations, and thoughts that may be helpful to mid-career professionals.

The first links are to, an online e-magazine which serves 75,000+ members of the photographic community. They were written to help professional photographers, but you can see that the information can be useful to any creative entrepreneur. Enjoy. - Tony Luna articles:

- article: "How to Discover Your Passion for Photography-Part One"

- article: "How to Discover Your Passion for Photography-Part Two"

- article: "The Lifecycle of a Freelance Photography Job"

- article: "The Six Elements of an Effective Presentation"

- article: "Client Contact"

- article: "Estimating Fees"

- article: "Estimating Expenses"

- article: "Coordinating the Job"

- article: "Execution of the Job"

- article: "Billing the Job"

- article: "Payment"